Celebrity sex-god Jason “holy-wow” Momoa toured Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson museum and reacted in the same way that a 7-year-old would take in a comic-book convention: with pure glee. Admittedly, having watched an undisclosed number of videos of Mr. M (we all have our weaknesses!), this is how he often behaves when he’s happy. It’s not an act, it’s just might be difficult for some of us to understand, but this is about Jason.

Okay, wait, one more thing.  At the very start, Momoa meets Harley boss Matthew Levatich, who presents him with a medallion made from Harley-Davidson frame steel that is, “fully American-made and all about personal freedom.” Sorry, what? He’s only talking about a medallion, right? Not a bike? Help, my teeth!!

Social media is often about watching other people experience things, and this video definitely delivers. There isn’t much good coverage of the bikes. Whoever is holding the camera is clearly as big a fan of the host as most and doesn’t do much justice to the merchandise, except for the swag, which is rather well captured. There are instead frustrating brushes with rows-upon-rows of the ancient and sublime collection of bikes that fly by in the background. If it weren’t for Jason’s generous frame and adoring petting of the prehistoric motorcycles and their parts, the footage might include even less of the steel stars of this show.

Aquaman Gets Giddy At The Harley Museum

The visit from Bill Davidson is fun, and the off-camera comment from the gift shop saleswoman who mentions that the Momoa can come back another time (instead of completely cleaning them out) adds to the charm, but otherwise its really just about brand. Not sure if being gifted a bike after the filming of Aquaman was the motivation but Jason Momoa is definitely a fan, so it’s no surprise that he shows off his custom-made Harley ring to Davidson Jr-Jr and makes sure to model his new H-D shirts, sweater, and jacket on camera.

Aquaman Gets Giddy At The Harley Museum

For the Harley-lovers among the crowd, this video may cement your admiration for the handsome hunk but it will not necessarily fulfill your fix for seeing the colossal cruisers. You’ll need to get yourself to Milwaukee to actually see the sights. Like the host of this episode, it’s more of a reminder that Harleys are big, have lots of muscle and are easily recognizable, but after watching almost 5 minutes of footage, it might no longer be clear which one you’d rather have show up in your garage.

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