The company warns owners not to ride due to an issue with the forks that could cause loss of control

A few weeks ago, a similar recall was issued via the NHTSA in the US. This time, the recall also affects units sold in the UK and if you own one of the models listed, don't drive it until it has been checked and fixed.

FOR THE US: MV Agusta Recalls 2018 Brutale Dragster and F3 Models

The list of models affected is the same as it is on this side of the pond to one exception. Drivers of variations of the MV Agusta Brutale 800 and F3 are advised not to use their motorcycle. In the UK, the RVS #1 is also included in the recall. The culprit is a production error that could result in excessive play in the axial clamping screw on the forks which could result in a loss of control.

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Savvy owners or dealers should verify the thread holes in the axle carrier using a special tool. If the hole isn't up to standards, the necessary parts are to be replaced.

The exhaustive list of models affected includes Brutale 800 RR, Brutale 800, Brutale 800 RC, Brutale 800 Dragster RC, Brutale 800 Dragster RR, F3 800 RC, F3 800, F3 675, and RVS #1. The error occurred during production of the models between March 12 and April 30, 2018.

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Thankfully, only 16 units are concerned in the UK. Owners are invited to contact their dealership to make arrangements to have the motorcycle checked and fixed if necessary. All details from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency are available here.

This isn't the first recall for the MV Agusta Brutale in recent months. Already back in December 2017, a number of Brutale 800 Dragsters were recalled because of rogue wheel spokes that could come loose and get in the way (or cause a crash).

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