Alta Motors Recalls Redshift EXR and MXR

Certain units require a software update

Electric bikes are like big computers that you ride on instead of using to watch cat videos. Despite all the new technologies, not even e-bikes are immune to recalls. Alta Motors that recently christened its new EXR electric dirt bike now has to bring all its Redshift models into the shop to fix a software issue. Do you think there's an Alta Genius Bar?

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Check your VIN to see if your Redshift is affected by the recall.

Some 2018-2019 units of the Redshift MXR and new EXR are targeted by this recall. It's been discovered that while riding on either of the Redshifts, if the throttle is twisted forward past its natural "closed" position (so cutting the throttle manually rather than letting the handle spring back into place), it could cause the vehicle to stall. Apparently, you can stall an electric bike. At highway speeds, a stalling bike could be a safety hazard.

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“With the current firmware, rolling the throttle forward while in drive mode will shut down the motorcycle, displaying ‘Inverter Throttle Fault," reads the hq notice sent to the dealers.

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An estimated total of 215 units will need a software update. Though Alta Motors will be contacting the owners directly, all owners of MXR and EXR can also verify their model's VIN number to the ones included in the recall which are the following:

  • EXR 2019: 56PARAFM_KB000099 – 56PARAFM_KB000191
  • MXR 2019: 56PARAEM_KB000367 – 56PARAEM_KB000488

Though certain 2018 MXR are identified as needing a recall as well, no VIN number has been shared for that model-year. In case of doubt, don't hesitate to contact Alta Motor's customer service line at 1-415-230-0755 using recall number SVC-ESB-18-004. Owners can also check out the NHTSA website for further details, or call 1-800-424-9153.

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