It’s March, 2023, and while we know that California’s been having a rough winter this year, that’s usually a place where riders get a lot more outdoor seat time than North American riders in traditionally colder climes. That makes it totally understandable why, if you’re a pro motocross guy like Aaron Colton, you might want to leave your native Minnesota for the sunny warmth of Cali.  

Since the guy originally comes from Shakopee, Minnesota (which is part of the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities area), resorting to the Minneapolis Skyway to get around in the dead of winter was just a way of life. In 2023, it’s considered the world’s most extensive indoor skyway system, letting people walk about 9.5 miles and over 80 city blocks inside the warmth of a series of human-sized hamster tunnels.  

Know what else it’s good for, though? Aaron Colton knows. That’s exactly why he took his modified Alta Redshift supermoto stunt bike (which he built himself) to go ride the skyway and get some stunt time in. Even if you’ve never been in this specific skyway, chances are good that you’ve gone through something similar at some point in your life, and if you’ve ever been the least bit stunt-inclined, you’ve totally thought about it. 

For obvious reasons, we must caution you not to try this at home, and add that this was a professional rider on a professional shoot doing professional stunts for professional energy drink company Red Bull. We definitely recommend that you live vicariously through Colton’s whirlwind tour of the Minneapolis Skyway, and also that you spend any amount of time that you’d like imagining how quickly you could get all your totally normal errands done if you just did it like this. Picking up? Dropping off? Who cares when you’re having this much fun! 

The best part is, of course, the utter defiance of the icy, snowy, cold, biting winter weather that’s blasting away at the Twin Cities outside this nice, warm, climate-controlled walkway. If you’ve never spent time where there’s weather like this, perhaps it doesn’t even faze you—but as a Chicago native, let’s just say I find this content extremely relatable. Also, how sick is that modified Alta Redshift, on a scale from one to ten? Eleventy-thousand? Perhaps. 

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