If you've never heard of the Aprilia Mana 850 GT, you're not alone. People either assume it's just another sport-touring bike or get confused when they realize there's no clutch lever. Despite that and the fact that it has a very scooter-like CVT (automatic) transmission, it's definitely still a motorcycle. HFL's favorite feature? The gas tank is under the passenger seat, which means you can flip up the cover to the 'tank.' Do so, and you have a 130mph beer cooler. You read that right, beer cooler. It swallows seven pounds of ice and a twelve pack of PBR without even breaking a sweat. Just pop the cover open, pull out the liner and drain-plug and you're good to go. As the ice melts, it drains right out the bottom. Crappy American beer will stay drinkably cold for a full 24 hours, even in 80+ degree weather. The waterproof lid appears to provide excellent insulation. Prefer to drink real beer? You'll have no problem fitting two 750ml bottles of Stone Subliminally Self Righteous, as we did, and an additional 20oz bottle of Triple Karmeliet too.

The 850cc v-twin Italian beer cooler
Condensation is the only thing that will give you away Water drains out the bottom as the ice melts and leaves no mess and nothing else behind. The Mana started up mere seconds after we scooped the remaining ice out of what Aprilia mistakenly refers to as the "helmet compartment."

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