It's hard to define Deus Ex Machina, a global custom motorcycle shop that also sells cool clothes, custom surfboard, gadgets and coffee. You can't fit them into a box, but maybe that's the point.

In 2006, Deus Ex Machina entered the bike scene in Sydney, Australia, and today the Deus brand has establishments across the globe, in California, Italy, Bali, as well as a second Australia location--each with its own unique styling of custom motorcycles. We made a quick stop by their Milan, Italy, to see this location's bikes in person and to grab a cup of joe.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
The Brand

Their bikes have never fit a standard profile, which has been a major selling point for the brand. Synonymous with exclusivity and character, their custom bikes are built with a mix of contemporary and antiquated components combining style and real performance. Street trackers, dirt trackers, bobbers, café racers, standards, motards- there is no line that they haven’t crossed.

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More than just bikes, Deus are the experts in everything cool, creating an outlet for creativity and style that transcends motorcycles. Custom surfboards, bicycles, artwork and apparel have given the Deus brand a way to reach out to a broader market creating a following of not just comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts. In Latin Deus Ex Machina translates to- "god from the machine”- maybe they’re onto something.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
The Shop

The entirety of the Deus shop and adjoining resteraunt and bar was filled wall to wall with art work, clothing, surf boards, bicycles and motorcycles. The swank bar and restaurant is a popular destination as any in Milan and the menu is nothing less than gourmet.

Combined with top tier service the whole experience there felt custom made, just like their motorcycles. The lifestyle and fashion of Deus Italy caters to everyone from surf hipsters to bussinessmen looking for a cool place to have a lunch meeting.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
Deus has a wide veriety of clothes both online and in their stores world wide, and the Milan store has a little bit of everything. The price isn’t cheap however, comparable to Dianese in material quality and design it’s really hard not to walk away with a cool piece of unique Deus artwork or clothing.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
Deus Milan: The Portal Of Possibilities

We visited Deus Milan back in 2013 and took a tour of the facilites, had an amazing buffalo meat cheeseburger, and talked motorbikes with the locals. Our host for the day was Alessandro Rossi Engineer, businessman, motorcyclist, CFO and founder of Deus Italy,“I started to ride motorcycles when I was 15, experiencing motocross, enduro and circuit riding. Working with Deus gave me the possibility to spread my passion to bicycle and surf.” said Alessandro explaining his motivation to make Deus a reality in Milan.

Deus Ex Machina - Italy - Milan from Gabri Maggio on Vimeo.

His vision is to mix the Deus signature art and style with the signature Italian flair,“Deus brand awareness is rapidly growing in Italy and in Europe. We aim to develop Deus presence in South Europe.” His motorhead heaven is a center for the passion that Alessondro and his staff enjoy sharing with eveyone who visits.

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He informed us that the shop built 25 bikes in 2013 and his goal is to make another 50 for 2014. Considering how serious he is about making the brand successful it shouldn’t be a problem. Even Moto GP great, Valentino Rossi is a fan, wearing the Deus brand on his off time according to Alessandro.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
The Customs

Most Deus customs are built specifically for the buyer in Milan and their stock was limited during our visit. They did have their street tracker STP in Petty Blue parked next to SwingBob custom on display though. Deus designers enjoy using the Kawasaki W650cc twin in many of their customs due to the style and accessability of the motor.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
Today Deus uses W800, W650’s, BMW boxers, Harley and an myriad of other lumps in their one-off customs. During my visit one of Alessandro’s buddies rolled up in his matte black 1929 Ford, with “Bone Shaker” painted on the engine compartment, not exactly a two wheeled species but never the less cool.

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Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos
It was interesting to see the variety of internal combustion that was on display in Milan, a Confederate B120 wraith was positioned at the entrance of the shop sandwiched between a café racer and what looked to be an older Deus bobber custom. If it makes noise and burns fossil fuels than you will probably see it at Deus Milan, either in the parking lot outside or on the shop floor.

Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos


Deus Ex Machina, Italy - Hot Rods, Bikes and Espressos



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