EBR Motorcycles (Erik Buell Racing) of East Troy, Wisconsin, will liquidate its long-term parts for dealer and warranty support next month.

Current owners Liquid Asset Partners, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, will hold a piecemeal liquidation sale and live auction at the EBR factory for all remaining assets. The two-month sale starts June 7, with a live auction on June 8 that will include intellectual property and tooling, all factory production equipment, and a number of "historical artifacts."

"This is the motorcycle deal of a lifetime," said Bill Melvin, CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. "For any motorcycle fan, the deals are too cheap to miss. You can buy anything from a race motorcycle, hand tools, even the motorcycle brand itself."

Carving up the Carcass: Buell Factory Liquidation Planned

The excess motorcycle parts will be liquidated through a discounting process via the standard parts ordering process.

“These parts and equipment, which are rolling art, are selling at enormous discounts, right off the factory floor. With the sale 30 minutes from Milwaukee – the motorcycle capital of the world – it is quite a sight to see the factory in person. We have no illusions: the market is very soft and we are prepared to deeply discount everything," said Melvin. "It’s stacked high and we’re selling it cheap. Everything must be sold regardless of cost or loss."

Buyers may view the assets online or come directly to the factory on June 7, to see where and how EBR bikes were made.

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