You don't have to be a guy to have a girlfriend, by the way...

You’re lucky. Let’s just say that first. If you have a lady friend you’re lucky, but especially if she likes to ride motorcycles. You’re probably here because you ride motorcycles too and you’ve found your special unicorn. Women riders are one of the fastest growing groups of consumers in America right now, and we’re lucky that we have a growing number of options in the world of apparel and gear. I’ve included a few categories below but ultimately, these are all gifts I would want myself – consider it a selfishly written article from the only perspective I know: my own. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration, or you’ll just be really mad I mentioned that some women wear makeup and tight pants.

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Gifts for the Fashion Forward Rider

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

Stellar Moto Brand Latitude Dyneema Jeans

It’s hard to find fashionable riding jeans – for men or women – that are actually protective and have room for pads. Some companies are making great Kevlar and Dyneema jeans, but which don’t have space to add knee and hip pads (Looking at you, Saint –CC). Stellar Moto Brand is working on this for women with flattering and fashionable women’s gear made from Dyneema that comes with hip and knee pads. This pair nods to classic biker fashion with a lace front but has a modern skinny straight leg cut, because, shockingly, some of us love skinny jeans and keeping our butts protected.

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Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

Red Wing Clara Boots

These Clara boots are on so many ladies’ wish lists this holiday season, and they won’t disappoint. I have a pair in Olive Mohave (my fifth pair of Red Wings) and I get compliments on them constantly. I often have people asking about or complaining about the high price point on these boots, but they are completely worth it. They are made of beautiful leather that will last forever if you care for them properly, so don’t scrimp: add in the leather care kit so she can keep them clean and polished.

Gifts for the Rider Who Camps

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

MSR Windburner Stove System

One of my absolute favorite tools for motorcycle camping is my MSR WindBurner stove system. The entire system – including a propane tank – packs into the pot and is easy to toss into any bag you’re bringing along. It lights easily and boils water super quickly in even the worst of wind conditions (Babes Ride Out in the Dirt last year had the gnarliest winds and I managed to brew up some coffee with this bad boy, no problem) This is an especially great gift if you like to moto camp with your lady friend, because you might get a hot meal out of it (OMG sexist, I know! Women don't EVER cook for their partners!)

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

DrySpec d38 Rigid Dry Bag

Every rider who goes the distance needs a nice dry bag. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere after getting drenched in the rain only to realize that your bags and the clothes you thought you might change into are also drenched. Even if you aren’t planning to run into rain these rigid dry bags are great for packing your gear into a nice shape, so that you can easily strap it onto the bike without extra pieces and shapes popping out everywhere. Bonus points if you have a bike with a sissy bar, because one of these can just strap right onto the back of it.

Gifts for the Rider with a Feminist Agenda

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

Wild Dogs 'Smile' T-Shirt

This T-shirt shirt kind of speaks for itself. I plan to buy myself one very soon, actually, because I love all of Wild Dogs' designs. Wild Dogs is an awesome brand whose owner/founder, Genevieve, illustrates all the designs – as well as hand painting some one-of-a-kind items found on the Wild Dogs site. If you want a whole set of shirts that make some people smile and others cringe uncomfortably, pick up a "Real Men Ride Bitch" shirt (see above). I get LOTS of compliments on that one, but also a few upset old men.

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

Rebel Soul 'Strong Women' T-shirt

This is a wonderful T-shirt and would be a perfect gift for the badass woman in your life. Especially if you happen to be the excitable man being alluded to; getting her this shirt allows you to show your admiration while also patting yourself on the back for being so confident in your masculinity.

Gifts for the Fixer/DIY Rider

Bad Guy Leather Tool Roll

Everyone should have a tool roll on the road for minor roadside repairs, but if your lady takes wrenching seriously, chances are she will gush over this beautiful tool roll made my Guy Mokia and offered personally monogrammed through his Etsy site. I know there are a lot of people making beautiful leather goods out there, but I can personally vouch for the quality and beauty of Guy’s work, as I’ve seen it in person. This is a tool roll that can also hold makeup brushes, should your lady friend like to have emergency fancy brushes with her wrenches (I'm pretty sure Jessie's trolling commenters from her previous article here –CC). Guy also makes small bar bags in the same shape that would be perfect to carry a small "Oh sh*t kit" that she can leave strapped to her bike.

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

Atwyld Roadside Jumper

The Atwyld Roadside Jumper is one of the fashion offerings from awesome ladies motorcycle company Atwyld, which has some amazing offerings to keep you geared up and fashionable while riding. This jumper is what I’ve personally had my eye on since the company launched its second line. Just imagine how cute your lady friend will look wrenching in the garage wearing it. Also, if she’s anything like me, she’ll probably wear it everywhere else because jumpers are the best. And this one has such a great vintage style, but with a flattering modern cut.

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For the Dirt Rider

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That Rides

SPOT 3 GPS Messenger

The SPOT 3 GPS messenger is currently on sale, so even if you don’t end up getting one as a gift you might want to invest some of your Christmas shekels on one of these. For a dirt or adventure rider, it’s an easy-to-carry insurance policy in case you get caught somewhere beyond cell service needing assistance. I personally carry a handheld HAM radio with me when I ride further afield (just a simple Baofeng), but that requires certification, a bit of programming, and knowhow to be able to successfully use. The SPOT simply involves a button you push to either send a pre-written text with your location, to let your loved ones know you are OK, or another button to notify emergency first responders. You have to pay for a service plan, but it’s not too much more than the device itself and a small price to pay for peace of mind.

So, you’ve got less than a week until Christmas. Maybe you won’t be able to order all of these and have them arrive in the mail in time for Santa to deliver them, but I promise that a nicely printed photo of a pair of boots is almost as good – when the recipient knows the boots are on their way. And if you need something for the big unwrap, I've tried to include a lot of Amazon links; they're good for expedited shipping.

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