Christmas Gift Ideas to Help Convince a Woman to Ride

Motorcycling needs more women: do your part to make that happen

So you love motorcycles, and you love the girl, but she’s kind of meh about motorcycles, or maybe you think all those stupid memes dudes post on the holidays are true and she hates them and you have to do everything you can to hide and lie about your two-wheeled life. But if you're reading RideApart I'm willing to bet you're pretty cool. And I’m willing to bet that if you’re into her she’s pretty cool. So, she might be open to changing her opinion. The trick is how you go about making that change.

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You could try yelling: "You just don’t get it! Motorcycles are more important than anything in life – including you!"

But there are other ways around this dilemma. A better approach is gift giving, and because "Tis’ the season," I made you a list:

The Forward Approach

This is the bold move, as you run the risk of failing to get her something she might truly be more interested in, or be happier with, to get her something that might disappoint. Read the room here dudes; if she keeps dropping hints to you about a contouring palette from Sephora, maybe don’t show up with a sparkly motorcycle helmet instead. In that case, check a little further down in the article for ideas that work for most ladies, even if they aren’t motorcycles – yet. Or, you just get her the sparkly Anastasia highlighter kit she wants, but put it INSIDE the helmet! Boom!

The sparkliest of sparkly helmets

Gifts to Convince a Woman to Ride

Opinions differ on the various styles of motorcycle gear but it seems most people love the Biltwell Gringo helmet. I had a Gringo that was my primary helmet for a few years. The liners needed to be replaced after a year or so, but obviously whether you replace it that often depends upon how much it gets used. This helmet is just straight up gorgeous in person and it looks amazing in photos. My favorite is the "Brite Silver" model, in a striking heavy flaked silver glitter, so it’s a bit more expensive than the other colors of the Gringo. But if I were to get another Gringo I would get this one. It's super pretty and I don’t mind saying it.

Get her a more high-tech helmet and add some pizzaz

If you’re more of a long-distance rider or a fan of technical helmets, get her whatever helmet you are into and do something to personalize it. Stellar Moto Brand sells a variety of reflective decals with which you can customize your helmet and bike. Cover her new lid with with stars or happy faces, or give her a race number of her own. It will have more meaning because it’s personalized, and it will be safer because it’s more reflective!

Talk to her on the ride, so she feels more confident

Get a pair of Sena Bluetooth communicators and set one up in her helmet. If you are able to talk to her on the ride you can do nice things like give her a "heads up" about a move you’re going to make. You can pull a Huell Howser (possibly an obscure reference for people who didn't grow up in Los Angeles), and be a tour guide, or just point out beautiful vistas to her. You could even serenade her as you carve the canyons to really ramp up the romance.

Give her the gift of protection

Gifts to Convince a Woman to Ride

For her hands. The Velomacchi Speedway glove with deerskin palms and goatskin outer is a comfortable and protective glove with a classic and fashionable feel. Velomacchi used what it calls “TPU Dorsal guards” for impact protection for the fingers. These ridges also double as a goggle wiper, which is pretty nifty. Additionally, the gloves include a touchscreen-capable index finger and thumb, so she can check her phone without having to take off gear. (Useful if you're one of those Jersey Shore types commonly seen riding on the back of Haybusas at Daytona Beach, Snapchatting the ride down Main Street –CC)

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Help romanticize riding with the help of a film

Motorcycle Diaries is a beautiful road story that is simultaneously the coming-of-age tale of Che Guevara. Played by Gael Garcia Bernal, Guevara and his best friend hop onto a beat-up motorcycle for a beautifully filmed road trip across Latin America. Sometimes a film can really help romanticize a concept and this one turns the idea of motorcycle adventure into a wonderful fantasy. Watch this while you make her dinner, throw in a a fancy bottle of wine, and you might be packing your hard cases – taking off on an adventure within a week.

The Less Direct Route

Maybe your lady friend is a fashionista but hasn’t yet crossed the line to want her own sparkly helmet. There are gifts less directly related to motorcycles that still may help in getting her to hop on with you more often.

A book to inspire her to love motorcycles

Gifts to Convince a Woman to Ride

The Flamethrowers, by Rachel Kushner, is set in 1975 and tells the story of of a bold woman with a love for speed. There are glorious descriptions of the feeling of a motorcycle and the ride. A story with love and passion, the 2013 National Book Award finalist also offers a glimpse of the 1970s' New York art world. The main character falls into an affair with the estranged heir to an Italian tire and motorcycle empire, which sends her into an adventure that... I won’t give any more spoilers about. I really enjoyed it, but a warning: if the lady in your life already rides it might inspire her to do something dumb like I did, and shack up with a rich Italian motorcycle family in hopes to find adventure – only to find boring rich people.

Boots she can wear every day and on special occasions

Gifts to Convince a Woman to Ride

Red Wing Clara boots are fashionable footwear that's admittedly got a hefty price tag, but, if properly cared for, will last her forever. They are made in the United States and have a Vibram sole with a light tread below a thick-but-soft leather upper. They are a fashionable, with a classic design, and can be worn with jeans or a summer dress. I wear mine to work and get compliments from stylists and fashionistas. I also ride around town in them and love the high ankle coverage, as well as the grip the Vibram sole gives me. The small heel makes this boot a pretty sassy part of any outfit for sure, but these heels don’t hurt your feet. I often stand in them all day. That doesn’t mean you get out of giving foot rubs, though, because you want to stay in this relationship right??

The sexy little black motorcycle jacket

Gifts to Convince a Woman to Ride

Aether Apparel's Arrow Motorcycle Jacket completely passes as a fashion jacket with or without the D3O pads inside. The perfect black leather jacket is a necessary part of every cool lady’s wardrobe and this one does not disappoint. It is also a technically designed motorcycle jacket with pockets for D3O back, shoulder, and elbow pads. I have owned a few riding jackets and this is my favorite so far – and definitely worth the price. Aether’s gear is really beautifully made stuff, and stands up next to their fashionable technical sporting line. I always get compliments on this jacket and often people think it’s from All Saints – a company that makes ridiculously cool yet overpriced leather goods and fashion wear. I showed this to some of my friends who don’t ride and it received a 100-percent approval rating from ladies who rock a variety of looks.

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Not all ladies are the same of course…

I actually happen to have a lot of lady friends who don't ride their own motorcycles but often ride pillion, so I did some real investigative journalism here. I've tried my best to make it universal, but, still, it's possible this list may or may not work for you. In which case, you're on your own. Good luck.

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