We all know how difficult it is to be seen on the road. Often times the lights on the bike just aren’t enough to grab the attention of your average distracted driver, and I’ve always wondered why helmets don’t include some type of additional lighting. Thankfully, there are geniuses like Thomas Plywaczewski who had the inspiration to create a Kickstarter campaign for the LightMode helmet.

Buy Your Own Tron Helmet - LightMode
Tron Helmet

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The LightMode Helmet is a lighting kit which includes EL wire and tape, and is powered by 2 AA batteries which can last up to 13 hours. With the kit, the designs and color options are entirely up to you. Using a combination of the tape and wire, riders will be able to tailor the lighting to the contours of their respective helmets for a clean look or get design crazy if the mood strikes you. Pre-designed helmets can also be purchased with supported models such as the Shoei RF-1200, Shoei Qwest and Icon Airmada.

Buy Your Own Tron Helmet - LightMode

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While the Kickstarter campaign has ended successfully, the Electron Kit (5 colors - $69) and the Proton Kit (7 colors - $72) are available for pre-order at http://www.lightmodehelmets.com/. The kits are on schedule to ship starting November 10th.

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Buy Your Own Tron Helmet - LightMode


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