Youngest son of Che Guevara, the famous guerrilla leader of the Cuban Revolution (you know the guy on all the T-shirts), is launching a motorcycle tour business in Cuba this month. Thanks to the lessening of sanctions towards Cuba and the reinstatement of their diplomatic status life will be changing in Cuba rapidly.

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Ernesto Guevara’s ‘La Poderosa Tours’ - named after the Norton used by Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara when he toured South America for nine months in 1952 - will run trips on two different routes across Cuba using Harley-Davidsons.

The trips will include overnight stays in five-star hotels and an afternoon swimming with dolphins, as well as visits to Santa Clara and Che Guevara’s base in colonial Havana.

A six-day tour starts at $3,000, while the longer nine-day tour can reach as much as $5,800, depending on choice of accommodation. Prices do no include flights.

Ernesto’s site says: ‘We will make your trip a unique experience, an unforgettable memoir. We will personally take care of every detail during your journey.’

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Regardless of your feelings about the "revolutionary" Che or the newest status of Cuba the terrain, the country, and the people are something that writers have waxed poetic about for years. From Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway the world of Cuba has been talked about but not visited by many in this modern day and age. We hope it's as interesting now as it once was.

Take a Motorcycle Tour in Cuba with a Revolutionary Leader's Son


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