A large part of the Midwest is still digging itself out from under one to two feet of snow. Neighbors have been helping neighbors shovel driveways and free stuck cars. Meanwhile, in Chicago, a stuck semi got a little help from a Ford Tough F-150.

The video description purports that the semi was stuck for hours before the lowly F-150 came and gave it a fierce tug to freedom (like George Washington crossing the Delaware). Watching the video, you will see the truck struggle at first, as all four wheels violently spin before eventually finding traction.

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The tires dig as billows of smoke and snow erupt before the behemoth begins to move. You hear the semi engine revving in unison with the pickup truck’s. The F-150 pulls the semi out in just over a minute, appearing to take almost no effort (Ford, make this into a commercial. You can thank us later.)

'Ford Tough' Watch an F-150 Pull a Semi From Snowy Despair

Photos Courtesy of Rage Haikuk


'Ford Tough' Watch an F-150 Pull a Semi From Snowy Despair
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