It's June 21, 2024 as I write this, which means we're very nearly at the end of Paris Fashion Week. And if you didn't expect RideApart to be talking about high fashion in the French capital, neither did I. 

Except I'm afraid that Honda Moto France left me no choice. 

Now, with the exception of any time that I've been forced to wear a uniform by circumstance, I've generally been the kind of person who tends to wear what makes me happy.

In fact, probably the only times I can specifically recall having gone wrong, clothing-wise, was when I tried to follow some kind of trend and simply didn't know what I was doing. I was a kid, and I soon learned I was better off just sticking to what I liked. As kids do.

Apparently, though, when I've been a moto commuter in the past, I've secretly been fashion-forward all this time. And I'm willing to bet that you might have been, too.

Here, let Honda Moto France explain in this video.


If you're looking for a certain je ne sais quoi to spice up an outfit, look no further than your favorite moto gear as an accent.

Of course, this approach looks best if you also arrive by motorcycle, as Honda France goes on to point out in the accompanying poster campaign that it apparently wheat-pasted around the city.

And it's brilliant, you guys.

Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

I mean, apart from the fact that the jacket this model is wearing is about to become strictly for the collectors after 2024. Then again, if part of the point of fashion is its ephemeral nature, the dissolution of the Repsol Honda partnership at the end of the season will simply make room for more bold design choices in the future.

Theoretically, at least.

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Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

This model is clearly dressed for neither the slide nor the ride, but you know what? If you're not actually on a bike (or preparing to get on a bike), you probably wear your jacket and maybe remove most (or all) of your other gear for comfort, too. It's an exaggerated realness, designed to be in-your-face.

It's giving "I commuted to work and now I'm here to serve." It's also an old-school CBR graphic jacket paired with an XL750 TransAlp, but the colorways work, so I'll allow it.

Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

Honda Moto France - Paris Fashion Week 2024

It's hard for me to pick a favorite poster out of this campaign because they're all so good. But if I had to pick one, it might just be this one.

Yes, people have been wearing motorcycle jackets as fashion accessories for a long time. Yes, the first motorcycle jackets didn't have armor and were just leather, because people didn't know any better. So there's always been fashion overlap, and sometimes folks have confused fashion and function without a clear distinction between when and where there's actual overlap.

Yes, I am waffling, but I promise I have a point.

And that point is this: If you think a motorcycle jacket looks cool, I have news for you, friend. Riding a motorcycle while wearing that jacket is even better. Well, once you know what you're doing at least a little bit.

Honda Moto France Paris Fashion Week 2024

Honda Moto France Paris Fashion Week 2024

What did Honda France call this campaign? Ah, yes. More perfection. It's called "Paris, London, Milan, Le Mans." Rolls off the tongue, especially if you pronounce 'Le Mans' properly. Absolute chef's kiss on Honda France's part, as far as I'm concerned.

All this is to say that next time you show up somewhere in your moto gear, and you take off your overpants to reveal a skirt/dress pants/jeans underneath, you're not only being safe and having a good time getting to your destination. You're also exercising your inalienable right to a long historical moto-style tradition.

Stand proud in your leathers, friends.

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