You may never have heard of the now-defunct Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco, but this company did wonders for the off-road motorcycle experience before dual-sport motorcycles were even a thing. The manufacturer created the first Bultaco as a street racer in 1959, called the Tralla—whiplash” in Spanish—but just a year later introduced the knobby-tire-shod Sherpa N, and then in 1964 the Sherpa T. Bultaco then went on to dominate the nascent world of off-road motorcycle racing for the next decade and a half.

Even though they’ve been out of production for over thirty years, you can still find these bikes in enduro and trials competitions all over the US. If you’re in the market, check out this 1971 Bultaco Matador MK IV, in beautiful shape and apparently perfect running order. If the history books are to be believed, you can hop on this classic beauty and compete in your local vintage enduro race without a worry.

Gallery: 1971 Bultaco Matador

This bike spent years rotting away in a Pennsylvania barn before its current owner purchased it and gave it the frame-up restoration it definitely deserved. He cleaned up the tank and the carburetors, and powder coated the frame, swingarm, and footpegs. He polished up the wheel rims and replaced the tires, rebuilt the suspension, and replaced all the rubber parts including brake and clutch cables. Even the speedometer and its housing have been refurbished. Seriously, this bike looks nearly showroom-clean. It should, too, since it only has a hair over 3,000 miles on the odometer.

The bike is powered by a 244cc, kick-start only, 2-stroke engine, and that power is sent to the rear wheel through a five-speed transmission and a chain final drive. When new, the bike put out 23hp, and I bet it still will. The bike has a headlight, but no tail light, or turn signals; it is off-road only and not a street-legal machine. If this inspires you, head over to the Bring A Trailer site for lots more photos and to bid on this beauty. Don’t hunt around there too much, though; you’re sure to find something vintage and beautiful that you can’t live without!

Source: Motorcycle Classics, Bring a Trailer

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