Quad Lock continues to improve its range of phone mounts, this time with a new Wireless Charging Head offering practicality for motorcyclists. With this accessory, riders will be able to use their phones while riding without worrying about draining the battery.

Quad Lock’s slogan is “Smartphone Mounting For An Active Lifestyle.” The company makes case/mount combos for all sorts of outdoor activities, including motorcycling. The company’s mount is a two-part system; a case for your phone and a handlebar mount with a proprietary locking design. When the phone case is locked into the handlebar mount, the system keeps everything in place while riding, and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your phone.

Of course, once you figure out how to mount your phone on the handlebars you’re confronted with the next problem: How do you keep the battery charged? If you’re streaming music to your helmet comm, or using the phone for GPS navigation, then you’re going to be draining the juice. Quad Lock does offer a wired charging mount, but this comes with its own potential disadvantages, especially in wet conditions. Many cellphone users prefer wireless charging, and now Quad Lock offers this capability via an accessory upgrade.

The new Wireless Charging Head installs into your existing Quad Lock mount (sold separately), with wiring running to power output on your motorcycle. When it’s time to roll, your phone locks into the Wireless Charging Head, instead of the actual mount. Instead of draining while you ride, the battery gets a boost, with quick-charging capability up to 10W (5W and 7.5W charging also available). The wireless charger also protects your phone from power surges, and it’s IP66-rated, so moisture shouldn’t bother it, unlike wired phone chargers.

The new wireless charger is not compatible with Quad Lock’s universal mount, unfortunately, so you’ll need a phone-specific mount to use it. The system works with most recent iPhones, as well as several Samsung, Google, and Huawei flagships. Pricing is $99.95 in the U.S.; for more details, see Quad Lock’s website.


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