I’m sure we’ve all been in a similar situation before: traveling in the middle of nowhere, in a place we don’t know, heavily relying on a phone that’s just about to die for navigation. Oh, the stress. There are always battery packs but as convenient as they can be, while on a bike, it just means figuring out the logistics of keeping the pack within reach and having cables sticking out. EasyRider came up with a solution to that stress: behold, wireless charging for motorcycles. 

Wireless charging is becoming a widely spread alternative to outlets and USB ports. The technology is becoming a standard feature in cars, but bikes still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of technology integration. That’s ok, we have plenty of workarounds and there’s a new one you can add to your list: a motorcycle-specific wireless charging set up. 

This is actually really clever and I’m glad a company created and marketed one of these. It’s a phone case that can be attached to most handlebars that doubles as a phone mount and as a charger. The charger uses the Qi wireless charging protocol—the one used by most smartphone manufacturers nowadays. SoEasyRider says the case is universal and can accommodate smartphone size with a screen size of up to 6.3 inches. 

You can choose between the QI Horizontal, QI Vertical, or the QI Naked (which is one without the sun visor that can be used vertically or horizontally.) The “window” on the top is tactile which allows you to access your phone’s functionalities without taking it out of the case. 

In the box, the case comes with a variety of attachments that gives the rider the freedom to chose how they want the mount affixed to their motorcycle (handlebar or mirror), a rain cover, as well as a selection of four adapters, depending on the type of plug your smartphone uses (micro USB and inverted micro USB, iPhone, and type C). The charger plugs directly on the bike’s battery so that you never have to worry about having enough power to charge. 

The best part is that it isn't insanely expensive. The base, “Naked” model is priced at $144.99 and both the horizontal and vertical models with the sun visor are offered at $149.99. They can be ordered online directly from the company. If you’re looking to improve your traveling kit for the 2020 season, you should definitely check it out!

Source: SoEasyRider

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