If you’re making a touring motorcycle helmet, you need to consider multiple factors. By necessity, anyone wearing a touring helmet will likely spend long hours with it on their head. Riders want something that offers good protection, low noise, comfort, aerodynamics, and a few looks wouldn’t hurt, either. 

French motorcycle helmet manufacturer Shark knows that even the best-looking helmet won’t convince anybody if it doesn’t also perform well. That’s why the company’s engineers spent a bunch of time working out how best to meet all those demands before creating its Spartan GT and Spartan GT Carbon helmets.  

Using computational fluid dynamics to work out the best ways to flow air and position the extractors on this lid was just one checkbox on Shark’s list. Another was developing an anti-noise autoseal visor system. Sure, you can wear earplugs on long trips, but most riders would probably agree that the less noise there is inside your lid while you’re riding, the better.  

Gallery: Shark Spartan GT Carbon Helmet

The exterior carbon fiber shell is the main selling point of the Spartan GT Carbon, combining light weight with solid protection. Shark says it uses multi-density EPS in the Spartan GT, although it doesn’t go into greater detail about the levels of foam used. This lid comes in just two shell sizes to cover a range of six helmet sizes, which seems less than optimal for such a wide range of ground to cover.  

The Shark Spartan is already sold in many countries including the U.S., and the Spartan GT has ECE 22.05 certification currently. Since DOT standards are basically nonexistent, there’s no reason to think it will have any trouble reaching our shores since the Shark distribution network is already established. 

The regular Spartan GT is available in a wide range of colors, and the Spartan GT Carbon features the gorgeous carbon fiber weave everyone loves. European pricing starts at €406.99, or US $446 for the Spartan GT, and €479.99, or US $526 for the Carbon.  

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