Retro is the new black. Whether it’s motorcycles or gear designs, the industry suffers from a serious case of nostalgia. Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Origine is taking advantage of the trend to launch a collection of delightfully vintage-looking helmets.   

After introducing a selection of jet and bubble full-face helmets, the company recently followed up with the addition of a new retro enduro model for 2020. Now, all we want to do is ride scramblers in the desert.    

The new Virgo full-face helmet features an undeniably cool, old-school off-road look, inspired by the lids 70s and 80s motocrossers and desert raiders used to wear. Though it is a full face, the model has no visor—you’ll probably want to shop for a pair of goggles—and comes with a sun visor attached on the forehead with three snaps. The manufacturer doesn’t specify whether the visor can be removed but why would you want to do that anyway?    

The fiberglass shell, available in two sizes, is painted in a variety of vintage color schemes completed with racing number 42 and a faded checkered flag motif. There are two gill-like openings on the chin piece and four openings on the back of the head for air circulation. The interior lining and padding can be removed and washed.    

The lid weighs in at 2.26 pounds which is on the lighter end of the spectrum for an enduro helmet and is ECE 22-05 certified. It’s offered in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL and pricing starts at €244 (US$265).    

We walked through the online purchase steps and it looks like the company ships to North America from Europe—something the shipping fee reflects, as expected. Note, however, that there is no mention of a D.O.T. certification which could be problematic in the U.S. as the NHTSA requires lids used on the road to carry the American certification label.    

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