We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting motorcycle gear. So, apparently, are the folks over at Urban Rider.  They got their hands on (and shared a video of) a brand new helmet from Bell called the “Broozer.” So, what is the Broozer? Let’s find out.

Despite what it looks like, this isn’t a modular helmet. It’s a “convertible” helmet: the chin bar is removable, but it’s either in place or it isn’t. You’ll have to find a place to stow it if you want to ride without; it doesn’t “flip up” or otherwise move. Keep in mind, that removable chin bar might not be as structurally sound as one on a solid full-face helmet. A helmet that’s made to dismantle might come apart when crashed just wrong, but it is ECE 22.05 (and DOT) certified and does not seem to have any exception when it comes to that chin bar.

You will be able to get this helmet in any color you want as long as that color is some shade or finish of black. It will be available in the black and white you see in the video as well as some configurations of matte black, matte grey, and gloss black. Apparently Bell is after a streetfighter feel with the design, though it looks to us here at RideApart like a new kind of Imperial Stormtrooper. That’s a good vibe to have: those guys never hit anything!

Bell will be offering this “Intermediate Oval” shaped helmet in three shell sizes so that the smaller ones don’t have the same shell size as an XL. That’s a good thing, since smaller-headed riders don’t really want to look like bobble-heads when they ride.

The interior lining is removable and washable. That’s de riguer these days and we’re happy to see that even lower-priced helmets like this one incorporate that particular feature. The helmet weighs in at just a hair under three pounds which is about average, and pretty good for a helmet in this price range.

The manufacturer has incorporated a really nice feature we see mostly on top-shelf helmets like Schuberth: the ratchet connector on the chin strap instead of the classic double-D ring. Anyone who has lived with that ratchet connector will say it’s worlds better than a D-ring setup. Good job, Bell.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for the Broozer for sale on this side of the pond. While I wouldn’t hesitate to order a helmet from the UK from a safety standpoint, the shipping and currency conversion might turn this borderline-budget helmet into a bit more of an investment than the average buyer wants to stomach. It’s listed as £199, which at today’s conversion rate is about $260 USD.

Source: Urban Rider, YouTube

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