In the realm of motorcycle helmets, Arai is one of the brands that’s built one of the most solid reputations on the market. You can usually buy an Arai helmet with your eyes closed—provided you have the funds for this slightly extravagant but oh-so-essential purchase. Arai introduces a brand-new model to its lineup that offers flagship quality and protection at a fraction of the price. Meet the new Regent-X. 

Arai compares the level of protection of its new Regent-X to that of its famous race-oriented Corsair-X, except the Regent is almost half the price of the Corsair ($560 for a solid color Regent versus $850 for a solid color Corsair). How can you get a similar protection at a smaller price tag, you may wonder. It’s all about the materials. 

For the new Regent-X, Arai developed a new type of shell, called PB-CLC which stands for Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction. The material has been developed to provide optimal protection without all the weight.

Arai Regent-X

Around the visor opening, an additional Peripheral Belt made of what Arai calls “super fibers” has been added to strengthen the rim without adding weight. Under the shell, a one-piece, multi-density liner is your line of defence against impacts. According to Arai, the new model exceeds the Snell M2020 safety standard. 

The design of the helmet has also been slightly altered to offer a wider opening at the neck meant to make the helmet easier to put on and to take off. Other features of the helmet three air intake ducts at the front, and a massive exhaust duct at the back of the head paired with two air curtains on the sides as well as a neck vent for maximum air circulation. 

On the inside, the Regent-X uses the latest generation of Arai’s Face Contour System composed of spring foam pads meant to improve the fit of the helmet. The lining has been designed with recessed pockets around the ears to make the addition of a comm system easier. The pads and liner are attached with velcro and are easy to remove for cleaning. 

The new Arai Regent-X is now up for grabs. Solid-colors shells go for $559.95 while the Sensation graphic line is priced at $689.95. 

Source: Arai Americas

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