If you like camping but haven’t thought about camping off your motorcycle, there’s no better time than now to begin planning! Since there’s a lot to think about, stay tuned for regular posts that will help you stay happy and comfortable while moto-camping. Here are two motorcycle-specific tent setups we think will interest you.

If you’ll be camping by yourself, you’ll want to check out the “Goose,” a tent/sleeping bag combination set up to roll up and secure to the tail (or passenger seat) of your motorcycle, and then hook onto your bike as part of its setup.

Most people (myself included) who go camping en moto use nylon tents that are more often optimized for backpacking. They’re lightweight and they pack small, and are generally made of nylon, but they can be fragile and often don’t last. The ”Goose” is made from canvas and looks quite rugged. You’re giving up weight savings for durability. The PVC-coated canvas system weighs 22lbs. That would never fly when it comes to backpacking, but when the motorcycle is carrying that weight, do we really care? Further, when you camp on a motorcycle your tent and sleeping bag are usually separate entities; the “Goose” has combined them, so that’s convenient, and in doing so its size is less of a deterrent. Set up, it’s nearly six and a half feet long to accommodate most humans. Rolled up, it’s approximately 2’ by 1’ by 1’–not small but not a bear.

It’s made in the UK so shipping to the US is a bit pricey. All told the system and shipping will cost you around $500 US.

If you’d prefer something motorcycle-specific that you can stand up in (and as we get older that starts to be more of a priority), check out the Redverz Solo Expedition. The price is about the same, but this is a more traditional nylon tent with a not-so-traditional twist: it’s a sleeping spot for you and also a garage for your motorcycle.


If you’ve ever set up camp in the rain you know the struggle: trying to get things off your bike without getting yourself and everything you own, soaked. You can set the Redverz up around your motorcycle and then unload it protected from the rain. This tent is similarly expensive at $500 (these also have the option of sizing up to sleep more people). You’ll need to get a separate sleeping bag with this one though.

Happy camping and keep an eye out for more camping info!

Source: Goose, Redverz

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