I will admit right now, that I have tried for a really long time to understand The Motor Company’s nomenclature with limited success. I read some good news recently, though, in that the dealerships aren’t really referring to these bikes with their code names (FLHR, FLTR, FLHT, WTF) anymore, just the model names. That will make everything easier! Maybe!

That’s not the point of this article, though–we have news! A new Electra Glide for 2019!

Harley is calling it a “dressed-down dresser” but from what I can tell, all that really means is they’ve taken an Electra Glide Classic, pulled the seat in favor of a solo seat, yanked off the passenger pegs and mounts, replaced a bunch of chrome things with painted things, neglected to install a stereo, and offer it in any color you want just as long as that color is “Vivid Black.” The press release says “Harley-Davidson has released a touring model that takes a step back from all the luxury amenities and offers a rawer touring experience.” Do we want “rawer” or just less expensive?

ElectraGlide Standard

(Why did they take press pictures in my old high school gym?)

Perhaps this is an attempt on Harley’s part to make their bikes a bit more affordable for the occasional youngster that might be interested in their motorcycles, but anyone wandering the showroom floor of a Japanese motorcycle dealership (or, heck, even a German or Italian one) might be shocked that a base-model Harley touring bike with no amenities is still $19,000.

Some have suggested that this model can be, more so than Harleys are generally, the LEGO of motorcycles–a clean slate, if you will, to customize as you wish. Is it more cost-effective to do things that way? Perhaps, but it’s certainly more personal. Harleys have always touted their customizability as a feature, so perhaps to the correct crowd the low price (for a Harley) is an advantage and makes a great platform on which to build a custom batwinged glory bike.

I’ll be over here trying to figure out how this particular bike is different from a $19,000 Road King with an aftermarket batwing fairing bolted on. The Road King has passenger accommodations, at least.

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MILWAUKEE (Mar. 4, 2019) –Powered by the muscular Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, the new Electra Glide Standard is a “Dressed down Dresser” that provides a raw, fundamental riding experience inspired by Harley-Davidson’s Grand American Touring roots.

Designed for the traditional touring customer, the Electra Glide Standard is for the rider seeking to disconnect from all the noise of the day-to-day through riding. No screens, simply a motorcycle that provides and heightens the experience of the journey. This fundamental experience is a key element in the design and engineering of the Electra Glide Standard.

The Electra Glide Standard features essential Harley-Davidson styling elements such as the iconic batwing fairing, chrome trim, standard saddle bags, and cast aluminum wheels. Chrome accents are added in high-impact design areas and complemented by polished rocker, cam and derby covers and select blacked out components - a blend of traditional elements and modern trends.

“To express the stripped-back essence of the Electra Glide Standard we focused on finishes that were simple, timeless, and fundamental to the Harley-Davidson’s touring line. Chrome was added to key components and complimented by polished and blacked out parts, said Harley-Davidson’s Vice President of Styling & Design Brad Richards. “The rocker, cam, and derby covers are finished with chrome to emphasize the V-Twin shape of the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. In addition, they add a dose of nostalgia that draws a through-line all the way back to the first Electra Glide.”

To provide a raw touring motorcycle experience without riding compromises, the Electra Glide Standard features all the latest ride and handling technology of Harley-Davidson’s Touring line such as standard electronic cruise control, hand-adjustable emulsion-technology rear shock absorbers, 49mm front forks with Showa dual bending valve suspension, and Brembo brakes with optional Reflex Linked and ABS features.

A central part of the riding experience, and a highlight of the Electra Glide Standard, is its Milwaukee Eight 107 cu. in. V-twin engine that features sleek, modern styling that respects the heritage of previous Harley-Davidson big twin engines.

In the Electra Glide Standard, the Milwaukee Eight provides the performance and riding benefits that riders the world over regard and appreciate with quick throttle response, plenty of passing power, and the iconic Harley-Davidson big twin sound.


The Electra Glide Standard is a showcase of an aspect of Harley-Davidson’s More Roads promise to continue to lead the heavyweight Touring segment with compelling products that inspire more riders to fully engage in the sport of motorcycling.

The Electra Glide Standard model is offered in Vivid Black with an M.S.R.P. of $18,999*

* Prices listed are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for base models. Options such as color are available at additional cost. Prices exclude tax, title, licensing, registration fees, destination charges, added accessories, and additional dealer charges, if any, and are subject to change. Harley-Davidson reimburses dealers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Dealer prices may vary.

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