Alpinestars GT-S X-TRAFIT gloves are part of the brands Road Sport line. They list twenty different models in this range and the GT-S are at the top end of the price category at $209.99 MSRP. Only the companies Archer and Tech Road models cost more. 

So what do you get for your money?

The GT-S features a Gore-Tex liner using X-TRAFIT technology. They use a binder between the glove layer and the membrane layer to prevent movement between the layers to improve feel and fitment. No inner material moving around adds to the comfort and durability. 

Gear: Alpinestars GTS Gloves

The outer shell is constructed from a combination of leather and textile. Leather is used in the highest wear areas like the palm, top and bottom of the fingers, and the outside of the wrist cuff. The rest is comprised of the stretch poly-textile.

Gear: Alpinestars GTS Gloves

There are dual Velcro wrist straps for the gauntlet and a molded PU knuckle protection covered by a thin layer of leather.

Gear: Alpinestars GTS Gloves

Additional safety features include EVA foam on the wrist, fingers, palm, and thumb. There is a nice piece of foam near the scaphoid area for protection as well. The gloves also feature Alpinestars patented third and fourth finger bridge. This is to protect the pinky finger in a crash.

How do they perform?

I have been riding with these gloves everyday for about two months. Rain, hot and cold temps, and some in between. They have performed fairly well but there are some nits considering the price point.

The leather on the knuckle protector is easily damaged. I had tears in the leather after a week of riding. I have no idea how I did it. They weren’t dropped, or bashed, or otherwise misused. I have a pair of leather Olympia gloves that I also wear. After two years of riding they have no signs of damage to the same area. Definitely not something you want from a 200 dollar glove.

The wrist straps interfere with each other. The smaller strap has a larger grab area, I assume to make it easier to use, that constantly wants to adhere to the primary wrist closers Velcro. It also never stays under the flap that was installed to protect it.

The larger wrist strap works well, the Velcro is sturdy and keeps the gloves closed very well.

Fitment is true to size, I generally wear a size large glove and that’s what these are.

For a glove that is leather and textile with a stretch panel on the back of the hand these gloves are not comfortable right out of the box. They are stiff and the combination of materials does not always stretch together. This creates some awkward hand movements and the need to adjust when riding.

Gear: Alpinestars GTS Gloves


I rate these average at best, and when combined with the price...below average. The best feature is the Gore-Tex membrane. The weak knuckle leather, poor overall comfort, and issues with the closers make this glove a tough pill to swallow for the price.

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