RideApart takes a look at the Scorpion USA Guardian gloves.

Scorpion USA is now 10 years old, and their products are really growing up as well. In the last couple years Scorpion USA has entered racing at the highest levels, sponsoring MotoGP riders in all three categories. The feedback and development from professional riders is helping the evolution of their products and philosophy.

From a personal perspective, choosing gloves is one of the most difficult choices. Local dealers never have a big enough selection; online ordering is great, but it’s a guessing game on how the gloves are going to fit. We have collectively wasted multiple lifetimes reading and writing reviews and still have problems finding gloves that fit comfortably.

Scorpion developed the Guardian gloves as a race-ready gauntlet style glove with a non-race ready price.

Features - Scorpion Guardian 

The Scorpion Guardian gloves are built with Grade A cowhide throughout the glove; there is additional reinforcement in the palms and fourchettes. (This is the area between the front and back of the fingers.) This reinforcement took some getting used to. The stitching is external so there are ridges and seams all over the fingers of the gloves.

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When combined with the additional material it was a little annoying at first. I felt the material slide across each other as I articulated my fingers. Once I wore them for a couple of rides, I no longer noticed it. Other items are TPU knuckle protector, pre-curved fingers, and a nylon lining.

Scorpion Guardian Gloves - Review


Once I got used to the exterior seam, I found that these gloves are one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. The lining is soft, it never gets overwhelmed by sweat in the heat and it kept my hands moderately warm for a perforated glove. The gloves come out of the package soft and supple - as if cut from worn and aged leather. These gloves punch way above their price point when it comes to comfort.

We rate the comfort “Outstanding” for its soft interior and supple leather shell.


Once again the Guardian glove punches well above its price point. The TPU knuckle protector was mentioned earlier, there is additional palm padding that covers the sensitive scaphoid area, and the articulated leather over the knuckles offer excellent protection should you have an off.

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We rate the protection "Excellent”.

Scorpion Guardian Gloves - Review

Temperature Range and Waterproofing

The Guardian gloves continue punching above their price and design parameters. So far they have proven to be effective from temperatures in the low 90s down to 40 degrees. Riding in 40 degrees is a little beyond what the gloves can effectively handle on their own. Heated grips or a glove liner might extend that range by a couple of degrees, but this is the effective limit. The gloves are perforated, so waterproofing in theory is non-existent. But - and this was a pleasant surprise - they work rather well in a light sprinkle or even a moderate rain fall for a brief period. Anything heavy and constant will overwhelm the perforations and soak the leather.

For a non waterproof or insulated glove the Guardian rates “Excellent” for temperature handling. They rate "Below Average" for waterproofing when compared to real waterproof gloves. We do want to point out that the gloves do a good job repelling water and handling temperatures that they simply shouldn’t be able to.

Scorpion Guardian Gloves - Review


Price at $79.95 these gloves are a steal. Quality construction, supple leather, excellent lining and very good protective features make these a steal. The overall rating for the Guardian glove is “Excellent”. There aren’t many features that could be improved on.

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