While there's a lot to say about EV motorcycles, one thing you don't necessarily hear from commenters is that they're lacking in horsepower or torque. I mean, EV motors are incredibly easy to produce power from and torque can be, if tuned for it, literally instantaneous. 

They're light switches with wheels. 

And so, when a press release from the EV motorcycle company Ryvid dropped into my inbox stating that they'd heard everyone's comments about wanting more power and torque, and found a solution, I was intrigued. I also maybe wondered out loud, "Um, why?"

So here's the low-down on Ryvid's partnership with Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI) and the brand's new Power Controller upgrade.

Both Ryvid's Anthem and Outset EV motorcycles use the same powertrain, i.e. a 4.3kWh battery connected to a 72V air-cooled electric motor. In stock trim, they produce 20 horsepower and a whopping 250 lb-ft of torque. That's not a ton of horsepower, but for a city runabout like the two EV motorcycles, what you want is torque, as it makes zipping through traffic a breeze. And it has plenty of that. 

But apparently, it wasn't enough for some folks. Humans always want more, which is where ASI comes into the picture. 

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According to the release, "Ryvid—the California-based Electric Motorcycle manufacturer—is offering customers the opportunity to transform their riding experience by ordering the Power Controller Upgrade by Accelerated Systems Inc for their Anthem or Outset Electric Motorcycles." What that entails is a new power controller that gets installed directly into the bike's frame and boosts its performance to 27 horsepower and a staggering 334 lb-ft of torque. Wowza.

Ryvid states that the $800 add-on can be directly ordered through the company's website either to install yourself at home for those owners who've already purchased either an Anthem or Outset, installed by a Ryvid technician, or for those who are currently ordering a bike, can be a factory option. 

Better still, until the end of July, whoever orders an Outset will get the option for free. 

There is a catch, however. If you do decide to install the controller in your garage or at home, it's a process. Ryvid states that, "DIY installation is not for beginners. Owners will need to install the supplied secondary wiring harness to power the Power Controller Upgrade by ASI. It isn’t a simple plug ’n play installation but there is a video to guide owners at ryvid.com. Installation is estimated at approximately three hours." 

The company then states that it'll come out and do it for free if you don't want to DIY, though. And based on my prior experience with wiring, I'd probably hit up Ryvid to do it for me. 

Ryvid's Outset will currently set you back $5,995, while the Anthem has an MSRP of $6,495. Even if you order the Power Controller, that's still a pretty dang good deal for an urban runner. 

Just try not to loop it, ya know?

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