California-based EV motorcycle maker Ryvid is amping things up with its second-ever model, a scrambler-styled bike called Outset. The announcement of the new bike comes several months after Ryvid started delivering its first model, the Anthem, into the hands of waiting customers.

Although RideApart hasn't ridden one yet, we can say with reasonable certainty that the Anthem is a real bike, about which you can find both journo and owner reviews if you poke around online a little. I feel this point is worth mentioning, mostly because EVs have had a bit of a tough time lately; motorcycles, in particular. And both Arc and Cake went under fairly recently.

While we can't make any promises about what the future holds for Ryvid, we can at least say that the bikes seem to be making it out into the world. That's generally what you want with any new motorcycle maker regardless of powertrain, right? Right.

Rolling in the right direction.

<p>Ryvid Outset</p>

Ryvid Outset

The Ryvid Outset is essentially a scrambler variant of the Anthem and, as such, is equipped with Dunlop Mutant rubber, along with what the company calls "multi-road tuning" and an adjustable suspension—the front fork offers 6.5 inches of travel, while the rear shock offers 1.8 inches.

The Outset comes with a 4.3 kWh removable battery and a built-in 3.3kW charger, which the company says can charge to 80 percent from empty on 110V power in about 2.3 hours. A full charge will take slightly longer, at 3.25 hours. A 220V or L2 charge knocks the zero to 80 percent time down to 1.3 hours, while 100 percent will take 1.85 hours at this level.

Gallery: Ryvid Outset

What kind of top speed and range are we talking? The spec sheet has it at a top speed of 75 mph, with the potential for up to 70 miles of range on a single charge. Since we haven't tested it for ourselves, we can't comment as to the veracity of these statements.

However, if they're anywhere close to accurate, this could be pretty good as a commuter.

The design is narrower and taller than the Anthem's, with slightly wider handlebars and a slightly different ergonomic situation. The chassis undergirding the Outset is the same as the Anthem, which you've probably already guessed from the fact that parts are supposed to be interchangeable between the two. It also packs a 4.9-inch TFT display with two high contrast visibility modes to keep the necessary information clearly displayed.

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Pricing and Availability

The Ryvid Outset, which the company says is both designed and built in California, will be available in two colorways from launch: Vapor Grey and Sector Red. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in summer 2024.

But here's the real party piece: The Ryvid Outset is priced at just $5,995. What's more, if you'd rather get your hands on the Anthem instead, Ryvid just announced a price drop for that bike at the same time it introduced the Outset.

For those looking to buy the Ryvid Anthem instead, that bike is now priced at $6,495. Both prices seem pretty fair if these bikes live up to their expectations. So hit us up, Ryvid. 

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