It's been a couple of months since we last heard from Grind Hard Plumbing Company about its completely bonkers Monster Chopper build. Back in April, they got the thing running.

Was it as sketchy as you probably thought if you've ever ridden any type of motorbike? In terms of wanting to stay upright at low speeds, yes. But the build quality appears sound, and it worked the way it should. Learning how to acclimate and get used to the riding style and quirks demanded of any bike is always a challenge for any rider, though. It's the kind of knowledge that only really comes by doing the thing.

What if you want to do more than just rip it around on dirt, though? That, friends, is why the guys at GHPC decided to take the extra step of making the thing street legal. In this video, they even mostly get it there.

Ethan built it, but Will got to take it for a bit of a rip toward the beginning of the video. There are more than a few tumbles, both for the rider and the bike.

Luckily, they're on dirt trails, so the landing is relatively soft. And lest you worry about the rider getting smashed under the overwhelming bulk of the Monster Chopper build, what seems to be the nice thing about having such monster wheels and tires is that they hold the body of the bike up pretty high off the ground, even when it's on its side. Also, sort of like crash bars on a big bike, they also help with leverage in getting the thing back upright after a fall.

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What's involved in getting the Monster Chopper road legal? Lights, turn signals, and of course a nice license plate bracket to hold a license plate, of course. Ethan designs a really choice license plate holder and bracket that fits the look of the rest of the bike, then proceeds to cut it out and put it together because he can. 

The headlights are on and hooked up, but now the team is waiting on a set of dual round combination turn signal/tail light units that will mount right next to the license plate once they arrive. So while it's well on its way to being street legal, it's not quite there by the end of this video.

Would you ride the Monster Chopper on the street if you had the chance? Given how prone it is to falling over at low speeds as you're getting acclimated to it, as well as what must be an insane turning radius, the dirt looks like it might be a little less scary. Not hardcore stuff, but simple dirt trails and grass for sure. 

And if you were out on the street riding or driving anything else, what would you do if the Monster Chopper pulled up next to you? Let us know in the comments.

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