You may not know it, but I'm here to tell you that it's exactly one month since Honda Japan first showed off its most recent updates to the ST125 Dax in Japan. Now, since you presumably clicked into this story because I told you it was about the Monkey, why am I telling you about Dax news that's a month old first?

If you remember those Dax accessories, then what I'm about to show you on Honda Japan's updates for the Monkey 125 will bear a striking similarity to the OEM accessories that first debuted on the Dax.

Just like the Dax, the new Monkey gets the following options:

  • Clock and gear position meter
  • USB socket (Type C)
  • Saddlebags
  • Rear Carrier

The Monkey also gets a separate saddlebag bracket as an option.

I'll put each of the Monkey and Dax accessories side by side so you can see the similarities and differences.

Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional Clock and Gear Position Meter
Honda Dax 125 - New Color and Accessories
Left: Honda Monkey 125 Clock and Gear Position Meter. Right: Honda Dax 125 Clock and Gear Position Meter.
Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional USB Socket (Type C)
Honda Dax 125 - New Color and Accessories
Left: Honda Monkey 125 Optional USB-C Socket. Right: Honda Dax 125 Optional USB-C Socket.
Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional Saddlebags
Honda Dax 125 - New Color and Accessories
Left: Honda Monkey Optional Saddlebag. Right: Honda Dax Optional Saddlebag.
Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional Rear Carrier
Honda Dax 125 - New Color and Accessories
Left: Honda Monkey Optional Rear Carrier. Right: Honda Dax Optional Rear Carrier.

And here's what the new Honda Monkey optional saddlebag bracket looks like on its own:

Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional Saddlebag Bracket

Honda Monkey 125 - Japan - Optional Saddlebag Bracket

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Pricing and Availability

To be totally clear, all these cool new Honda Monkey accessories have so far only been announced in Japan. However, if the most recent Honda Grom facelift is an example to go by, both the updates and the accessories should be available in additional markets where the Monkey is sold at a later date.

Remember, the fourth-gen Honda Grom showed up first in Thailand, then in Japan, and was most recently announced in the US. In all cases, that adorable belly pan that I inexplicably want to skritch came along with it for the ride. So while the US doesn't have this cool Monkey stuff available just yet, it's a reasonable expectation that we will get it in the coming months.

That said, the Monkey's Clock and Gear Position Meter carries an MSRP in Japan of ¥ 24,420 (about US $152). However, it also requires the purchase of a separate Mounting Attachment that will run you an additional ¥ 5,280 (about US $33). Please note that all prices listed here include Japan's 10 percent consumption tax.

The next two most expensive new OEM accessories for the Honda Monkey don't have pictures attached, but hardcore Monkey fans will still want to know about them, regardless. There's now an optional grip heater set (both left and right) for the Monkey, as well as an immobilizer alarm. The grip heater MSRP is ¥ 19,800 (about US $123), while the immobilizer alarm is ¥ 14,300 (about US $89).

Incidentally, Honda Japan also lists an a la carte price for the tapping screw needed to install the immobilizer alarm, and it's ¥ 27 (about US $0.17). That's, um, helpful if you need to purchase a spare without purchasing a whole additional immobilizer alarm, I guess?

As for the other new OEM accessories for the Monkey, the rear carrier is  ¥ 15,180 (about US $94), while the USB-C socket is only ¥ 7,700 (about US $48), but it requires the additional purchase of a USB socket mounting attachment for ¥ 3,300 (about US $21). An OEM Monkey saddlebag (left side only) will cost you ¥ 11,770 (about US $73, which isn't too bad for a saddlebag), but the saddlebag support bracket will run an additional ¥ 9,020 (about US $56). 

Gallery: Honda Monkey 125 New Colors - Japan 2024

The Honda Monkey 125, in all three of its new colors, will be available for purchase in Japan on Thursday, July 25, 2024. Unlike many new model color names, the color names used by Honda Japan in this instance refer to updated Monkey frame colors, rather than tank or side cover colors. They are Millennium Red 2, Pearl Cadet Gray, and Sheen Silver Metallic. 

Both the Millennium Red 2 and Pearl Cadet Gray colorways get cream-colored tanks. The Sheen Silver Metallic gets a black tank. All three get chrome fenders and exhaust covers. The alloy wheels also do not change color.

MSRP in Japan for the new Honda Monkey colors is ¥ 451,000 (about US $2,805). 

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