Back in December 2023, we had our first glimpse at the newest facelifted version of the Honda Grom. Since we've observed how Honda tends to release its new bikes in the past, we had a reasonable suspicion that it would soon head elsewhere in Asia before making its way to other markets.

Japan seemed most likely to our minds; and as of February 15, 2024, it appears that our suspicions were correct. That's the date when Honda Japan officially announced the updated Grom for the Japanese market. The actual planned release date is March 14, 2024, so you have about a month to prepare yourself and make room for the new Grom in your life.

The engine remains the same little 123cc air-cooled single producing around 10 horsepower at 7,250 rpm, along with around eight pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. It's mated to a five-speed gearbox, and if you rode the 2023 Honda Grom in Japan, then you should know that the engine remains essentially the same.

2024 Honda Grom - Japan - Poster 2

2024 Honda Grom - Japanese Release - White and Black

What changes is the bodywork and graphics, as well as the colors. As always, how appealing you find a given bike's design and/or redesign will vary, because design is so subjective. We can say that it's a clean, modern look, but the previous version of the Grom could also be described that way (even though it looks quite a bit different). Which one grabs you most? That's up to you.

It gets a flatter seat, a sportier and less toy-like look, and will be sold in just two colorways in Japan for 2024: Pearl Horizon White and Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic. ABS is equipped on the front wheel only. Up front, you'll find the same digital display as before, and the 2024 Grom also gets a USB socket so you can keep your favorite digital device charged.

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Pricing and Availability

Honda Japan's suggested retail price, including 10 percent consumption tax, is ¥390,500 (about $2,604.50). Without the consumption tax, it's ¥355,000 (about $2,368). 

One important difference between the earlier Thai release and the Japanese release that we should note is that Thai Honda equipped the OEM accessory belly pan as a standard item on its updated Grom. It stood out to me in particular because I really love the way it looks, so the fact that it's nowhere to be found on the stock photos of the Honda Grom's release in Japan also stood out.

2024 Honda Grom - Japan - White - Front Right Angle View Accessorized

2024 Honda Grom - Japanese Release - Fully Accessorized

While it doesn't come as standard equipment on the Honda Japan release of the new Grom, it is available to purchase as an accessory. In fact, Honda Japan has a whole list of OEM accessories prepared for the new Grom, many of which you can see in this photo. From the cutest little handguards you've ever seen (don't they look like cat ears?) to that belly pan and a bunch of luggage, this Grom is clearly ready to go on some journeys.

Will This Facelifted Grom Appear In Other Markets?

If past Honda Grom releases are anything to go by, we will be approximately zero percent surprised if and when this design rolls out elsewhere. So far, Honda has not made any official statements about plans for releases in other geographic regions. However, we strongly suspect that it's only a matter of time before this little Grom shows up in your corner of the world.

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