Are you a Honda Grom fan? If you are, then the month of December 2023 might just ring a bell. As a memory refresher, that's when Thai Honda first pulled the covers off the latest facelift of the Honda Grom.

Featuring cleaner, simpler lines, full LED head and taillights, and even an optional (and extremely adorable) belly pan, the styling change marked the fourth iteration of the popular little minimoto.

As I've noted previously, spend any time in Thailand and you'll quickly see just how popular little 125 and 110cc bikes and scooters are, including the Grom. So it's no surprise that's where the newest version launched first. 

Then, in February 2024, the newest version of the Grom made its way to Japan. That also came as no great surprise. And since the Grom is also pretty popular in the US, though, we remained convinced that it wasn't so much a matter of if we would get the facelifted Grom as much as when that happy day would come.

Fast-forward to May 30, 2024--the start of the annual Barber Small Bore Festival held each year at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. That's when American Honda took to the stage to officially welcome the 2025 Honda Grom into the fold, complete with its fourth-gen facelift.

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Introducing the 2025 Honda Grom in the US

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The first year of the fourth-gen Honda Grom will come in three flavors in the US: Grom (in Candy Blue, Pearl White, or Cherry Red); Grom SP (in Matte Black Metallic); Grom ABS (Pearl White). 

All three will be available in American Honda dealerships beginning in June 2024. Prices only vary by $100, which is good news for wallets that have already been hit hard by the rising cost of almost everything in 2024.

The base 2025 Honda Grom starts at $3,599; the 2025 Grom SP at $3,699; and the 2025 Grom ABS at $3,799. 

All three trims feature the redesigned bodywork, LED head and taillights, 12-inch cast wheels, disc brakes, and a five-speed gearbox. Seat height stays at 30 inches, keeping it low and accessible for a wide variety of riders. 

So now, the real question is: How do you feel about the redesign? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Are you happy about the LED lighting but miss the old styling? Or are you feeling some completely different way about the latest Grom redesign? Let us know in the comments!

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