If you like classic retro-modern motorcycle styling, but you want it in a small, approachable displacement, look no further than the Kawasaki W175.

Powered by a diminutive, air-cooled single cylinder engine, it's packed with retro charm in a new bike package. And the good news for fans is that Kawasaki Indonesia just announced the new trims and colorways for 2025.

Yes, it's only for Indonesia right now. Us Americans don't get any of the cool, small displacement things. Well, apart from the Grom. But this is most definitely not a Grom. Still, let's get technical.

Gallery: 2025 Kawasaki W175

The 177cc air-cooled, single overhead cam, two valve single-cylinder makes a claimed 13 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, alongside 9.73 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. It's mated to a five-speed gearbox and has a chain final drive. It uses a single Mikuni VM24 carburetor, as well.

Suspension consists of a 30mm telescopic front fork (so tiny and adorable, isn't it?), as well as two dual rear shocks with adjustable spring preload. It rolls on a pair of 17-inch spoked wheels and has a 220mm single disc brake up front and a drum in the rear.

But none of that is probably what you came here for. It's good, honest, simple transportation for everyday needs; not the kind of power that's going to light your hair on fire, but plenty to get where you need to go in densely populated settings, particularly. That's why it's a popular model in Indonesia, India, and other Asian markets.

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In 2023, the W175 came in three different variants: TR, TRSE, and Cafe Racer. Now, at the end of 2023, Kawasaki India revealed some additional colors and even alloy wheels for the W175 as sold in that country. But the 2025 variants just shown by Kawasaki Indonesia are something else yet again.

For 2025, Kawasaki Indonesia is offering the SE, SE Black Style, and Cafe as its available variants on the W175 theme. Of these, the SE is the least expensive, coming in at 35,100,000 Indonesian rupiah (about US $2,141). That's followed in price by the SE Black Style at 36,000,000 IDR (about US $2,197). The Cafe is the most expensive variant, coming in at 36,400,000 IDR (about US $2,221). 

The 2025 Kawasaki W175 SE comes in two eye-catching colorways: Candy Arsenit Green, which uses a nicely-saturated green candy color on the tank. The second SE colorway for 2025 is Metallic Smoke Gold/Ebony, which I'd personally like to see in person rather than just in photos, because the photos make the "Smoke Gold" color look almost sort of gray, and the color name and previous experience with other Kawasaki colors makes me suspect it's a lot cooler in person (and in direct sunlight). 

2025 Kawasaki W175
2025 Kawasaki W175

The 2025 Kawasaki W175 SE Black Style comes in just one color: Metallic Spark Black. Both this bike and the other SE bikes all channel that classic '70s UJM look, complete with spoked wheels, black fork gaiters, a single round headlight with a chrome bezel, round black mirrors, and a retro one-piece saddle with a strap that should easily be able to fit both you and a passenger. 

Up at the top of the 2025 W175 range, we have the Cafe. This one gets a cute little flyscreen and sportier graphics, as well as a different saddle and contrasting-color springs on the rear shocks. The two colorways for 2025 are Pearl Storm Gray/Metallic Spark Black and Pearl Crystal White/Metallic Spark Black.

Although there aren't many additional accessories bolted on to create the Cafe, it's an impressive example of how much of a visual impact even small changes can make. See for yourself with the slider above.

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