The Kawasaki H2R is a seriously wild machine. I've only been up close with the bike a handful of times, never riding it, but it's impressed me with its sheer lunacy and Kawasaki deserves props for bringing it out.

I mean, what other OEM is dropping a 300-horsepower hellion onto the public with a supercharger from the factory?

So who in their right mind thought it'd be a good idea to not only slam the superbike onto the floor, but also extend the swingarm, and throw a heaping helping of nitrous at the bike? Well, at least one person did and in the immortal words of Starship Troopers, I want to know more. 

I found this bike while scrolling the web a few days ago and have been entranced by the insanity of the build ever since. What you have is a Kawasaki H2R that's riding on airbags, which lowers the bike pretty significantly. Other apparent modifications are an elongated swingarm, and a way fatter rear tire than what came from the factory. 

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Seriously, it looks like it came off an Airbus it's so wide. 

There are also a handful of exterior modifications at the front, like handlebars, windscreen, and other design cues. But then you look at the rear of the bike and there is not one, but two, nitrous canisters positioned pointing up toward the sky. Maybe the rider is hoping they attract a guardian angel so they don't end up at the pearly gates backward and on fire?

Whatever the case may be, I bet this thing is a riot to ride. But I'd love to know more about the build. Did the owner have to do anything to the internals? What's it like to ride when you hit the NOS? If anyone knows the owner or they can put us in touch, that'd be rad!

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