We've talked a lot about engine swaps. At this point, they're a dime a dozen. But it somewhat feels like we're, r.e. RideApart's staff, are outsiders looking in. We can talk the talk, but we haven't yet walked the walk. 

But maybe we could change that...

Recently, I was scrolling Instagram and came across Go Power Sports. The company specializes in mini bikes, pit bikes, go-karts, and parts for just about everything in those spaces. But it was one product in particular that caught my eye; the brand's own Bolt Go-Kart Kit, which supposedly can be built from the ground up with just two wrenches. 

And it got me thinking, sure, the 98cc engine it comes with is cool, but what if we built one ourselves but swapped in something wilder?

According to Go Power Sports, the Bolt Go-Kart Kit is "a revolutionary collaboration between GoPowerSports and Build Break Repeat, delivering the ultimate in DIY fun! Crafted for enthusiasts of all ages, this premium kit offers the thrill of constructing your own go-kart without the need for welding. Simply grab a few wrenches and basic tools, and you're on your way to assembling your very own single-seater go-kart in no time."

And from the specs, it seems like it is that ground-breaking.

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The kit comes with everything you'd need to build it in the comfort of your home garage and no welding is required. There's a frame, wheels, brakes, a seat, and the aforementioned 98cc engine. Go Power Sports also says that, thanks to a couple different settings for the pedals and seat, the Bolt is good for both kids and adults alike.

Good, because my daughter and I would probably fight over who got it first. 

Now, obviously, the kit is not made for some wild engine swap. Like, you would likely snap axles the chain, and break far more if you threw a 'Busa motor into it. Hell, even the Kawasaki jet ski crate motors that just dropped would probably see everything implode. But, the Bolt seems like a great base to do something wild and fun. Maybe I could cajole Zero into handing us a new ZForce motor or get something off Facebook Marketplace. 

What's also super attractive is that the Go Power Sports Bolt Go-Kart Kit isn't astronomically expensive. Set at a retail price of $1,997, but as of this writing on sale for $1,597, that seems like a pretty dang good deal for a backyard toy and/or base for an insane engine swap. 

I seriously want the RideApart office to try this, so maybe we'll get one and film some very dumb things with it.

Stay tuned, as I might let my intrusive thoughts win. 

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