The completely revamped 2024 Zero S has officially arrived at EICMA 2023, and although the name is familiar, the bike itself is quite different from the S you might have known before.

Not entirely—after all, the 2024 Zero S is still completely electric. But while the 2023 S had a 7.2-kilowatt hour battery pack, the 2024 S gets a 14.4 kWh unit instead, and that's just the tip of the ICEberg.

Peak power, torque, range, and top speed all increase significantly as well. To further highlight the differences, let’s directly compare the 2023 Zero S and the new 2024 Zero S. All figures cited here come directly from Zero Motorcycles spec sheets.

  2023 Zero S 2024 Zero S
City Range 89 miles (143 kilometers) 154 miles (248 kilometers)
Combined range (highway 55mph) 68 miles (109 km) 113 miles (182 km)
Combined range (highway 70mph) 60 miles (97 km) 101 miles (162 km)
Peak torque 78 pound-feet (106 newton-meters) 97 pound-feet (132 Nm)
Peak power 46 horsepower (34kW) at 4,300 rpm 68 hp (51kW) at 4,500 rpm
Top speed 98 mph (158 km/h) max; 72 mph (116 km/h) sustained 104 mph (167 km/h)
Power pack 7.2 kWh 14.4 kWh
Charge time (standard household plug) 5.2 hours to 100 percent; 4.7 hours to 95 percent 9.2 hours to 95 percent
Level 2 charge Requires accessory Charge Tank, 1.5 hours to 100 percent; 1 hour to 95 percent 4 hours to 95 percent; adding 6kW Rapid Charger bumps the speed up to 1.3 hours to 95 percent
Seat height 31.8 inches (807mm) 31 inches (787mm)
Curb weight 313 pounds (142 kilograms) 492 pounds (223 kilograms)
Power pack warranty (in US; may vary elsewhere) 5 years/unlimited miles 5 years/unlimited miles
Pricing (in the US; varies by market) $11,745 $14,995

The 2024 Zero S also has a completely different motor from the previous version. It's called the Z-Force 75-7, which has the same exterior case as the Z-Force 75-10 as found in the SR/F and SR/S but slightly different internals (new internal permanent magnet and copper coil array). The same motor also powers the 2024 Zero DS.

The newly-revamped 2024 Zero S and the Europe-only SR now join the 2024 SR/F and SR/S to complete Zero's full street motorcycle lineup. The closest competitor to the 2024 Zero S (at least on paper) is likely the 2023 LiveWire S2 Del Mar. Expect a full Spec Showdown coming soon to RideApart.

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