We’ve seen all sorts of weird and seemingly pointless engine swaps. From a Hayabusa-swapped Citicar to a Fireblade-powered Ruckus, the wonderful world of YouTube has no shortage of insane backyard builds. And a recent video by the YouTube channel BUM showcases yet another one.

This time, it's a Coleman CT200U, a minibike a lot of kids dream of owning as their first motorized two-wheeler. With a 199cc engine and chunky, tractor-like tires, this thing is surely a lot of fun for both beginner and seasoned riders. But what happens if you want to throw all sense out the window and transform it into a 200-horsepower deathtrap?

Well, this is exactly what the folks at BUM did, as they transplanted a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade engine into the Coleman mini-bike. As you would expect, the engine was by no means a bolt-on install, with tons of fabrication work needed in order to mount the engine safely (that’s if safety is even in the equation here).

Tons of fabrication work was needed to stuff the CBR1000RR engine into the tiny Coleman mini-bike.

Tons of fabrication work was needed to stuff the CBR1000RR engine into the tiny Coleman mini-bike.

Several reinforcements had to be made to the Coleman’s steel frame, and engine mounts had to be built to hold the high-power engine in place. For starters, the Coleman’s cradle frame was stretched and widened using a floor jack. Mounts were then welded on to keep everything in place.

With the engine mounted, it was discovered that the frame was flexing quite a bit more than it should. And so the folks welded support struts on the top of the frame effectively enclosing the engine in a steel cage.

Up next came fiddling with the mechanical and electronic components of the engine, and seeing if the thing would actually start. After a bit of troubleshooting and liquid encouragement, the CBR1000RR engine roared to life, and this crazy creation was pretty much ready to ride.

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It goes without saying that any sane individual would find this thing absolutely terrifying. 200 horsepower on a rigid-framed, short-wheelbase machine which is essentially designed as a kid's bike is probably the furthest thing from safe. And in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s surely an accident waiting to happen.

Not too long ago, we talked about Grind Hard Plumbing Co’s Fireblade-swapped Honda Ruckus. Surely, you can put this Fireblade-swapped Coleman mini-bike up there among the craziest superbike engine swaps known to man. Who knows, maybe BUM and Grind Hard Plumbing Co could collab and give us a head-to-head of these Fireblade-swapped monstrosities?

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