If you've seen what Dust Moto or Stark Futures have done to motocross bikes, you already know that electrifying an off-road vehicle makes it absolutely insane. But what happens when you stick a ridiculously powerful electric motor in a vehicle that's already insane, like a three-wheeler? 

Anyone who's ever ridden a three-wheeler probably understands why they were made illegal for a period and why it probably isn't a good idea to do a DIY electric motor build with one. Well, anyone but the lads on Cboys TV, and for this we are forever grateful. 

Unsurprisingly, there are no straight-up conversion kits to make electric three-wheelers, so the guys had to get creative.

To form a beefier chassis, the boys used parts from an old CRF 450RX that they had already converted into a three-wheeler and the front end from a GasGas MC 85. But the power, battery, seat, and part of the swingarm are all from one of the E-bike Pros that was featured in a recent video.

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Of course, the lads had to fabricate a monster extension to the swingarm to get it to work with two rear wheels and beef up the rear suspension, as this trike was made for a beefy dude—Gavin. If you've watched any viral three-wheeler videos during the past year or two, you'll be familiar with the madman that is Gavin, who lives and breathes Honda three-wheelers.

But before Gavin can get his hands on the monster, Ben tests it out to "see if she's got enough power to spin the extra wheel". As soon as he touches the throttle, the front wheel lifts before the trike appears to take off as though it was shot out of a cannon.

Once Gavin arrives, things go from loose to insane as wheelies, burnouts, and donuts ensue. But, before long, it's time for the electric three-wheeler to go to the most dangerous place there is for a Cboys creation—the off-road track.

Can the lads' latest mutant stand up to off-road torture? Time to watch the video and find out.

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