A new electric motorcycle startup is looking to make waves in the growing off-road segment, and has set up shop in the good old US of A. Dust Moto has recently launched an interesting crowdfunding campaign centering on its new electric dirtbike called the Dust_Model 1. The campaign is particularly interesting as it involves customers in the design and production process of their bikes. All in all, the build will take about 20 months.

The program is called the Founders50 program, and centers on the first 50 units of the Dust_Model 1. Of course, being a part of this program offers some really enticing perks, not least of which is a 50-percent discount from the bike’s MSRP of $10,000. Dust Moto explains that its Founders50 program makes use of a “building in public” (BIP) approach. Here, customers can see exactly where funds are being used, and have the opportunity to get involved, should they so desire. Of course, they’ll get to see the bike's builds progress over a 20-month timeframe, as previously explained.

Dust Moto Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign For Dust_Model 1 Dirtbike

The team behind Dust Moto didn’t just pop up out of the blue either. All three of the company’s founders have extensive backgrounds in the mobility and technology sector, with electric bike company Ubco being a common denominator among them. Colin Godby, Jarett Volkoff, and Neil Tierney have impressive resumes consisting of companies like Belkin, Hydro Flask, Specialized, and Audi.

As for the Dust_Model 1, the company describes it as the ultimate middleweight e-Moto, emulating the riding experience of a 250cc motocross bike. The bike itself is targeted towards motocross athletes and hardcore riders looking to embrace the electric age. The bike’s design is said to leverage traditional dirtbike design and components with new technology. According to Dust Moto, the Dust_Model 1 is even lighter – 15-percent at that – than a traditional 250cc motocross bike.

The brand’s backers are heavily involved with the brand on a regular basis, and do so much more than entrusting their money to the company. They have monthly video calls for updates about the bikes, which once delivered, will feature unique F50 design elements to set them apart from the regular models to be produced in the future. Backers pay $250 USD per month for 20 months, amounting to a total of $5,000 – 50-percent less than the bike’s anticipated SRP of $10,000 USD. The bikes are expected to be completed by May 2025.

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