If you watch Cboys content, you're already familiar with Gavin Carlson, the resident three-wheeler expert. Carlson pops up whenever the boys have a video centered around three-wheelers, and his happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious. 

What I didn't know, was that Carlson has his own YouTube channel, Shred Eighty, and it's stacked with interesting powersports content.

His latest video shows him going to check out "Uncle Peterson's", from ThisOldTrike, three-wheeler collection. Carlson's video suggests that this three-wheeler collection is worth a million dollars. But the size of the collection tells only half the story.

How'd You Get That

Preston tells Carlson that a widower wanted to clear out her garage, which just so happened to be filled with tons of Honda ATCs. But it's not until Preston invites Carlson to see "the other half" that you appreciate just how ridiculous the collection is.

Preston thinks there could be cleaner collections in existence but that he's the only person to have at least one model of every ATC that Honda ever made. Once we were given the full tour, it was time for the guys to rip.

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Better Than an ATV?

The guys go for a ride on one of Preston's favorite local trails, which gets a bit technical toward the end. Their weapons of choice were a Honda 250SX, 350X, and a 450R: two retro three-wheelers and a modern ATV.

Of course, you'd expect a relatively modern, more powerful ATV to dominate the old-school three-wheelers. Well, in this writer's eyes, the retro three-wheelers performed at least as well as the 2014 450R while ascending the trail.

But the best and most ridiculous part of the video was still to come.

Gone Swimmin'

The guys build out a 1984 Honda 200M by fitting it with a 6-inch lift kit and 30-inch tires. Yep, they made a swamp crawler.

Once the beast is built and out on the trails, Preston checks out of the swamp crawling relatively early, as he didn't want to get wet before having some pizza—fair enough. But that didn't stop Carlson and his friend Noah from pushing the 200M to and far beyond its limits, resulting in... well, I won't spoil it.

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