Do you remember what you were doing in March 2022? Me, neither, but apparently that's when Honda announced the ST125 Dax to the world for the very first time. It was announced first as a 2023 model in Europe and then followed just a couple of weeks later by an official release in the Japanese market.

Almost as soon as it showed its face, US-based fans (myself very much included) instantly wondered when it would come to our market. Not if. When.

While it's sadly true that we don't get every cool bike that we wished we got in the US, Honda's minimoto line has consistently remained popular in the US. Sure, they're affordable, but even more than that, riders of all ages simply love the little guys. Since Honda clearly likes selling bikes that people want to buy, the logic seemed particularly strong here.

Now we have our clearest indication yet that the diminutive Dax might finally see US shores as a 2025 model, as that's the date that the California Air Resources Board issued one of its Executive Orders certifying a new model for an OEM.

Honda Dax 125 - New Color and Accessories

Honda Dax 125 - New Color in Japan

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If you take a look at EO M-002-0930, you'll see the Dax listed as a 2025 model, with engine family SHNXC0.12CTM. It's the same 124cc single-cylinder engine found in the Monkey, Grom, and Trail 125, and it's now officially ready for action in the Golden State.

Since we don't yet have an official announcement from Honda, we don't yet know what colors we're going to get. Will we get the same cool new colors seen in other overseas markets? Or something else?

And not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, but the new Dax as recently announced in the Japanese market gets some cool new accessories like a pannier, clock and gear position meter, and even some heated grips (be still, my heart). Will any or all of these accessories make it to our shores, as well?

It's thrilling news for fans of tiny bikes. and we can't wait to read the official announcement once it comes. I might even have to bake a cake for this one. 

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