The 2024 Bangkok International Motor Show is going on right now and Cub House Honda loves to introduce some of its extra-special limited edition bikes on the show floor. Remember the Hot Wheels Monkey? So, what tasty little minimoto did Cub House pull the wraps off of at the 2024 BIMS?

This time around, Cub House opted to take us all back in time with the Dax 1978 Special Edition. That's right; if the form factor of the revived Dax wasn't retro enough for you, Cub House put a little something extra in their Mr. Fusion for this appearance package.

You get special colorblock graphics, a special side cover that some say reminds them of the German flag for some reason, a chrome rear rack, and a chrome fender and front reflector set from Kitaco

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All in all, it's a pretty convincing vibe this appearance package has going for it. Then again, the overall shape of the Dax kind of does a lot of the heavy lifting already. 

What's the pricing like, you may wonder? It'll run you ฿97,900, which converts to about US $2,686 at the time of writing. It's not clear exactly how many of these Cub House plans to make available, but like all Cub House special editions, your best option is to move fast if you want to get your hands on one before it disappears.

Gallery: Cub House Honda Dax 1978 Special Edition

As for those of us located elsewhere in the world are SOL, as we'll have to do what we always do and sigh wistfully about yet another cool bike offered in another market that we can't have.

By now, we should probably be used to it, though. While European fans at least get the regular Dax 125, we Americans are still waiting to see if it will ever grace our shores at some point down the line. Please, Honda? Pretty please?

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