Ever since the refreshed, modernized Honda Dax was announced in Europe, fans everywhere instantly fell in love. Sure, only some fans actually lived in Europe at that time. Still, keen observers of the moto industry know that Honda usually brings its new models to multiple markets. (Eventually.)

Sure enough, it wasn't long before the Dax showed up in Japan. Later on in 2023, an utterly perfect Dax limited edition made to look like a life-sized Tamiya model appeared at the Bangkok Motor Show, courtesy of the brilliant minds at Cub House Honda. (Unfortunately for fans outside Thailand, Cub House limited editions tend to stay in Thailand, so you can only appreciate them from afar unless you live there or visit.)

While it isn't a limited edition Dax Tamiya, Honda Motor Europe just announced the next best thing: A new, metallic blue color for the 2024 Dax. It's called Pearl Glittering Blue, and it joins the returning Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Cadet Grey colors that the Dax got upon its European debut in 2023.

Gallery: 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F


The 2024 Honda Dax is powered by the same 124cc air-cooled, single overhead cam single-cylinder engine that currently powers Honda's existing 125cc lineup in Europe and elsewhere. Bore and stroke are 50.0 by 63.1mm, and the compression ratio is 10.0 to one. It makes a claimed 6.9 kilowatts (about 9.25 horsepower) at 7,000 rpm, alongside a face-melting 10.8 newton-meters (about 7.9 pound-feet) of torque at 5,000 rpm. It's mated to a four-speed rotary gearbox with an automatic centrifugal clutch.


The 2024 Dax uses a press backbone frame design, with the fuel tank integrated into the frame. Suspension consists of a 31mm telescopic upside down front fork offering 100mm (nearly four inches) of axle travel, and a twin shock setup with 120mm (about 4.72 inches) of axle travel in the rear. 

The braking system consists of a single 220mm disc up front with IMU-based ABS, as well as a single 190mm disc in the rear. The 2024 Dax rides on a pair of five-spoke cast aluminum 12-inch wheels.


Wheelbase is 1,200mm (about 47.2 inches). Length is 1,760mm (about 69.2 inches), width is 760mm (about 29.9 inches), and height is 1,020mm (about 40.1 inches). Caster angle is 24.9 degrees and trail is 84mm (about 3.3 inches). 

Ground clearance is 180mm (about 7.08 inches). Curb weight is 107 kilograms (just under 236 pounds). Seat height is a very approachable 775mm (about 30.5 inches). Fuel capacity is 3.8 liters.

2024 Honda CB125F Gets A Few Cosmetic Updates, Too

2024 Honda CB125F - Three Colors - Poster

Honda Motor Europe also took this opportunity to announce the return of the popular CB125F for 2024, which the company says was its second biggest-selling 125cc bike in 2023. Over 7,000 CB125Fs were sold, says Team Red.

The first thing you'll notice here is the two new colors for 2024: Imperial Red Metallic and Matt Marvel Blue Metallic. They join Black in the lineup for the new year. All colors get bright red springs and spark plug cap, as well as a shorter muffler, a longer chrome heat shield on that muffler, and an aluminum grab handle that's been strengthened to help riders take passengers anywhere and everywhere.

Pricing and Availability

Honda Europe says that the 2024 Honda Dax should start arriving in dealers in the Europe and UK in December 2023. Meanwhile, the 2024 Honda CB125F will follow in January 2024.

Pricing may vary by region, so your best bet is to check with your local Honda dealer in Europe for specifics. In the UK, the 2024 Honda Dax carries an MSRP of £3,799.00 (about $4,739). The 2024 Honda CB125F has a UK MSRP of £3,149.00 (about $3,928). 

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