If you ever thought that Cub House Honda in Thailand was toying with your emotions with its breathtaking customs, you may have a pretty good case. The 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show is currently underway at the end of March, and as usual, Cub House rolled out yet another exceptional special edition Honda minimoto to celebrate.  

Back in 2021, we had the Honda Monkey Hot Wheels edition. Fast-forward to 2023, and now we have the Honda Dax Tamiya Limited Edition. The primary color is a gorgeous blue that’s reminiscent of the very first Dax bikes back in the day, with Tamiya logos and details throughout the bike. If you’re at the show (or you’re watching videos from the show), you can see that it’s displayed on a stand made to call a Tamiya model box to mind. “1:1 Scale” and “Big Scale” are proudly displayed bits of text on the pedestal. 

While the mirrors, headlight bezel, and select other details are chromed, select bits of matte silver really serve to set the whole look off in an elegant way. The front fender neatly echoes the matte silver stripe on the main body of the Dax, which sits just in front of the seat and forms a nice backdrop for a full-color Tamiya logo. The heat shield on the exhaust, meanwhile, displays a black Tamiya logo on the silver leg shield, with “ST 125” spelled out in bold, black text underneath. The leg shield is matte silver, while the exhaust behind it is chrome and black. (There's even Tamiya rim tape, you guys.)

Gallery: Cub House Honda Dax Tamiya Limited Edition

There’s also a classic Honda Motors wings logo in dark red and silver that’s affixed just ahead of the Tamiya logo on the body. Instead of paint or a decal, Cub House chose to make this an actual badge—which adds to both the visual appeal and probably also the tactile appeal (we’d tell you for sure if we could touch one, but alas, for now, we’ll just have to be content to assume). 

We need to talk about the right-hand side cover, though. It’s matte silver, and the oval shape neatly frames a special Dax 125 badge that features radiating circular whorls (reminiscent of a fingerprint, except more perfectly circular) in black and silver, with the black Dax dachshund logo and a red ST 125 logo displayed side by side in the foreground. Is it a sticker? Is it an engraved badge with a tactile texture? It looks as though it could be the latter, and if it is, that’s going to be very difficult to resist touching if you’re a lucky owner of one of these. (Did you notice that the Dax doxie has doggles? Well, now you do.) 

There’s also a special brushed aluminum ST 125 badge affixed to the cross-brace just under the headlight up front, with a laser-cut ST 25 Dax doxie logo. It reads, “Special Type In Bangkok Motor Show 2023,” and it’s not clear if that’s only for the display piece at the show, or if a badge like this (perhaps minus the BMS 2023 text) might also appear on the limited-edition version that’s delivered to people who pre-order one of these. 

What’s the price? It’s ฿ 99,900, which is about $2,925. Since no form of Dax 125 has been released in the US yet, though, we should probably be used to gazing with envy from afar. Interestingly, Japanese publication Young Machine has also aimed some wistful glances Cub House’s way over this particular Dax, in hopes that it might find its way to the Japanese market, too. You and me both, YM.

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