What makes the perfect adventure bike? This is a question a lot of manufacturers have been trying to answer, especially when it comes to the middleweight segment. That sweet spot when it comes to displacement usually sits between 700cc to 900cc, and the number of offerings in this segment is nothing short of dizzying.

With that being said, Chinese manufacturer CFMoto wants to shake up the middleweight ADV segment with its most off-road-oriented model yet. This bike made its first appearance at EICMA last year, and now, it seems that the bike is finally ready to enter production.

Dubbed the MT-X, it was clearly a derivative of the brand’s MT range of adventure-touring motorcycles, the smallest of which, the 450MT (Ibex 450 for you folks in the US), I got to run through its paces back in March.

The CFMoto 800MT-X is just about ready to enter production

The CFMoto 800MT-X is just about ready to enter production

So, what’s so special about the MT-X?

Well, for starters, the MT-X is based on CFMoto’s 800 platform, which in turn is based on KTM’s 790 platform. And so the MT-X, expected to be called the 800MT-X, is essentially CFMoto’s take on a KTM 790 Adventure Rally. It’s worth mentioning that if and when CFMoto sells this bike in the US, it’s more than likely it’ll take on the Ibex branding. So Ibex 800 X, perhaps?

As cool and exciting as it may seem, there’s really nothing in the 800MT-X that we haven’t seen before. As mentioned, it’s based on KTM’s 790 platform, with the bike’s engine, frame, and even low-slung fuel tank assembly seemingly mirrored from the Austrian bike. It gets 94 ponies and 57 torques, again, very similar as that of the KTM 790, so performance will be familiar for those well acquainted with the 790 Adventure.

The 800MT-X will likely get a large TFT display similar to that of the 800NK

The 800MT-X will likely get a large TFT display similar to that of the 800NK

Of course, expect the same level of sophistication when it comes to the bike’s electronics. CFMoto would be remiss not to throw in multiple ride modes, switchable ABS, and other doodads that have become standard in the segment. It’ll more than likely get the same massive full-color TFT display found on the 800NK, so folks with a thing for tech will surely be pleased.

Back when the MT-X was showcased in concept form, it turned heads among performance enthusiasts thanks to a slew of premium components such as Brembo brakes and an Akrapovič silencer. Unfortunately, as is the case with many concepts turned reality, the production bike ditches the Brembo stoppers in favor of more cost-effective J.Juan calipers. The Akrapovič system is gone, too. Instead, the bike breathes through a standard CFMoto-branded exhaust system.

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It’s clear as day that the interest for middleweight adventure bikes is stronger than ever before. Set forth by the likes of the Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM 790 Adventure, manufacturers from all over the world are racing to develop the ultimate middleweight ADV—and a lot of them are using these two bikes as benchmarks.

When I tested the Ibex 450 back in March, I was pleasantly surprised with the bike’s performance both on- and off-road. And as someone who’s used to small-displacement dual-sports, I really enjoyed the predictable power delivery of the 450cc parallel-twin in loose terrain. Its on-road power, however, was understandably lacking.

That said, should the upcoming 800MT-X be anything like the 790 Adventure Rally, well, we’ll be in for quite a riot of a ride, and perhaps a more well-rounded adventure bike for both on and off-road use.

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