TVS Motor's small-capacity, good-value motorcycles are a staple in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and India. But, if you've spent your life in Europe, there's a chance you've never heard of this brand. And that's about to change.

In November 2023, TVS Motor and European automotive distributor, Emil Frey, announced that they formed a new partnership to distribute TVS motorcycles across Europe in 2024. Well, now we're seeing how that deal is starting to play out.

TVS Motor Company Ltd has launched operations in Italy via its branch office, TVS Motor Italia.

Here's what to expect.

TVS Motor plans to introduce a wide range of small-capacity motorcycles and electric bikes via TVS Motor Italia. The most notable model is the TVS Apache 310 Series, which was developed in collaboration with BMW and will be available in RR and RTR versions.

The other motorcycles and scooters that'll soon be in production and available to the Italian market include the TVS Ronin 250, TVS Raider, and TVS Jupiter 125. Italian buyers will also have some electric scooters to choose from, such as the TVS iQube and TVS X. And a range of e-bikes is coming soon.

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It's clear judging by recent moves that TVS Motor has aspirations that reach far beyond the countries it is already popular in. This theory is backed up by TVS Motor Co-President, Head Group Strategy, Sharad Mohan Mishra who said, "Our move into Italy is a strategic step towards our global ambitions,"

The person chosen as the Director of TVS Motor Italia, Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari, has extensive experience in senior management roles in major automotive companies from around the globe.

According to Furnari, "In establishing a branch office and by offering a broad suite of products, both thermic and electric, TVS Motor has underlined its confidence and long-term strategy for the Italian market."

Would you like to see TVS motorcycles hit US roads and offer some cheap, fun commuting options? Let us know in the comments.

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