The custom scene—be it for bikes, trucks, and cars—is full of big things. And by big, I mean literally big. As it would turn out, a lot of people still believe in the old adage of “bigger is better.”

And I didn’t know this until now, but this rings true in the world of custom ATVs, too.

There exists a whole subculture when it comes to customizing ATVs to be bigger, louder, and more eye-catching than they already are. And in a similar fashion to the truck and 4x4 scene, this usually involves slapping on lift kits and massive tires.

But what if you want to take your custom build to the next level and throw all logic and sense out the window? Well, you do what this dude did to his rig.


This particular build is shrouded in quite a lot of mystery, as it was shown in an Instagram reel by West Tn Mudders. Nothing in the caption revealed much about the build, other than that it was turbocharged. The video, however, showed this thing essentially floating on deep muddy water, with its tires basically serving as propellers allowing it to cross the water with zero issue.

Eager to learn more about this crazy build, I did some digging. I discovered that the build belongs to a dude named Bailey Mayer. Upon checking their Instagram profile, there was only one post, a Reel showing this crazy custom ATV in action.

And so I did even more digging, and stumbled upon his TikTok page. Bingo! Tons of videos showcasing this monstrosity of an ATV—everything from build progress to this thing ripping it in the mud.

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Like all custom builds, Bailey’s Honda Fourtrax 300 started life in bone stock form. It then received a few mods like a suspension lift and bigger tires. But it was clear that this was just the beginning. From there, the quad was stripped to the bare frame, and tons of fabrication work was done to stretch the frame and lift this thing even higher off the ground. The engine was then turbocharged to give it a substantial boost in power.

The overall build is pretty damn crazy, and extremely well-executed, too. It looks professionally done, and rocks some pretty sick custom parts from the likes of Fox Racing Shocks and Cobra Axles.

If there’s one thing this wild custom build proves, it’s that people will never stop pushing the limits of what’s possible when it comes to customizing their rigs.

Sure, you could say that this Honda Fourtrax is now much more impractical and difficult to ride, but it sure as hell looks badass, and for some people, that’s what matters most.

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