If you haven't read the news lately, Brazil is experiencing serious flooding at present. And over 100 people have lost their lives because of it, not to mention the millions of dollars done to people's homes and livelihoods. The situation on the ground isn't good. 

But in a sea of bad news, glimmers of hope offer some rays of light in the darkness. And that's absolutely this awesome video coming directly from the affected region where a deputy mayor has been working with emergency responders to help locate people, bring them to safety, and, in the case of the video below, help save a drowning horse. 

According to NewsRadio WJNO 1290, "As emergency responders have been working around the clock to rescue people trapped by the rising water, Deputy Mayor Marcelo Santos joined in the efforts to help." And though the deputy mayor isn't from the affected region, but rather "Santo Antônio da Patrulha" over 50 miles away, "he traveled...to the city of Canoas, which was dealing with extensive flooding."

And it's there that his actions have helped both the local townsfolk, as well as livestock, including the horse. 

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The radio station states that "A video posted on Instagram by Mayor Rodrigo Massulo showed Santos swimming through a flooded street, holding onto a jet ski as he worked to rescue a drowning horse. Santos tries to keep the horse calm as he approaches the terrified and tired animal so he can grab its reins." 

And the video is pretty damn compelling, as the deputy mayor is in deep, muddy water, being towed behind a jet ski and doing his very best to grab onto the animal's reigns. Another jet ski is in the background seemingly towing people in a raft, too. 

The video is captioned by Santo Antônio da Patrulha's mayor, who stated "I've never met anyone braver, more hearty, and with the drive to save lives than my Deputy Mayor [Santos]. Last week, he threw himself into a broken axle and helped save a life in our city. Yesterday he saved a horse in Canoas and today he is assisting rescues in the Capital. I can only ask God to keep him like this forever. I am proud of this journey partner."

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