Jetskis and other personal watercraft are among the most fun you can have on the water. Associate Editor Robbie Bacon just went on down to Florida to test ride Sea-Doo's all new lineup, so stay tuned for that.

But did you know that these aquatic motorcycles can save lives, too?

In coastal areas all over the world, the use of jetskis goes well beyond sports and recreation. For example, in Honolulu, Hawaii, jetskis are being used by lifeguards regularly, and have become an important tool for saving lives. In fact, the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association started a “train the trainer” course in Kaneohe Bay specifically centering on using jetskis in life-saving applications.


More specifically, lifeguards were trained on the best jetski tactics, techniques, and procedures for rescuing people in varying scenarios. A report by Hawaii News Now goes into detail about this, highlighting that this type of training is a first of its kind, and has the potential to go beyond the shores of Hawaii, potentially saving hundreds of lives all over the world.

Indeed, representatives from Japan took part in the training activity, too, with Taishi Otono, representing the Okinawan Life Saving Association, highlighting the potential jetskis have when it comes to keeping shores safe.

“I want to make Japanese water safety higher so this is very good, important training,” Otono told Hawaii News Now, adding that there’s a lack of qualified water emergency responders in Japan.

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The Hawaiian Lifeguard Association’s training program aims to standardize the way lifeguards navigate the surf, with the ultimate goal being to reach swimmers in distress much more quickly. Harold Teshima, a Maui County water safety officer, explained: “So across the state, it’s so important to standardize our rescue techniques so that the communities, the swimmers, the surfers, visitors and locals get the same high-quality rescue techniques when they need it.”

And Hawaii's lifeguards are already using these devices to save people, as this year has seen wild surf conditions slam the North Shore of Oahu, canceling surf events and battering would-be and professional big-wave riders. 

"My first visual after the accident, or initial impact, was looking up at these angles—the lifeguards—surrounded me and I had an oxygen mask on and a neck brace and brain matter seeping out of my head," says Kohl Christensen, who almost died back in 2020, but was rescued, telling Surfer, "The North Shore lifeguards being there on a jetski saved my life." 

Having fun on the beach is always an awesome thing. But safety should never take a back seat. Using personal watercraft like jetskis in safeguarding the waters used both for work and play can certainly go a long way in ensuring peace of mind for beachgoers.

This is especially true for places frequented by tourists and wannabe surfers from all over the world, such as the picturesque beaches of Hawaii, Japan, Bali, and more.

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