Who amongst us wasn't wild at some point in their lives? I mean, I may still be considered wild by friends my age and I'm nearly 40. But it's always interesting to hear of other people's wild stories, chief among them celebrities of our childhood.

Recently, Dawson's Creek stars James Van Der Beek and Kerr Smith sat down with People's Breanne Heldman at 90s Con to talk about the filming of the famous show, but the subject turned to how Van Der Beek, Smith, and the rest of the crew used to raise hell on jetskis after filming was over. 

Smith told People, "A couple of like a couple of the guys on the crew had boats and you know we had the guest stars come in and the writers come in every episode and we would take them out on the water on the weekends. We'd stop and eat crab in the morning yet. And we'd fill up the boats with whatever we needed. We would barbecue out on the island. We all had jetskis." And on those jetskis, Smith added, "I'm surprised I didn't actually kill myself!"

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Van Der Beek then added that the area they filmed "used to get hurricanes every. What I'd do is I would book the first flight out the next morning and I would get on my jetski and would ride the hurricane waves. When you rode the back of the toward shore, the way the wave was going, it was an optical illusion because you couldn't see the shoreline but you were convinced you were going up and up and up and up. By the time the wave broke. I was convinced I was, like, 200 feet in the air."

Smith also told People that "I remember one time, I hit a sandbar and I flew 100 feet over the handlebars and made some waves." 

Clearly, the two were pretty competent riders, though, as none of what they're describing would allow for most novices to ride. But it's also funny to hear Dawson and Jack talking about their stunt-filled after-hours exploits rather than some similarly melodramatic teen angst they were portraying at the time on Dawson's Creek.

Who knew they ripped so hard? Now we need to see some dope photos of the pair ripping jetskis from back in the day. Come on, boys, give the people what they want. 

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