How do you overcome range anxiety if you ride or drive an EV? Sure, there are lots of charging stations in most large cities around the world, but what if you’re pressed for time, or your journey takes you to places with limited infrastructure?

Or those chargers don't work?

Well, Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer SYM seems to have a solution. Why not slap an internal combustion motor in between the batteries?

This is exactly the technology SYM is pushing with its PE 3 hybrid scooter. And while it’s just a concept at the moment, it could hold some potential when it comes to providing “unlimited range” for electric two-wheelers.

SYM’s PE 3 Hybrid E-Scooter Bids Farewell To Range Anxiety
SYM’s PE 3 Hybrid E-Scooter Bids Farewell To Range Anxiety

It employs a sort of reverse hybrid technology, wherein the main source of propulsion is an electric motor. However, when the battery voltage drops below 60 volts, the internal combustion motor springs to life, charging the battery up and delivering more juice to the electric motor. 

Take note—there's no physical connection between the internal combustion engine and the drivetrain. Its sole purpose is to charge up the battery, which then sends power to the electric motor. So it's essentially a BMW i3. 

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On its own, SYM says that the electric motor can provide around 35 kilometers (22 miles) of range when it’s fully juiced up, suggesting that this thing’s most at home within the confines of the urban jungle. When the gas engine steps in, it claims an impressive fuel economy figure of 90 kilometers per liter, or about 211 miles per gallon. And with a three-liter tank, you’ll be able to go quite the distance—broke college kid me would’ve gone crazy.

Speaking of college kids, they’re exactly who this scooter has been designed for, as well as commuters and young professionals looking for a hassle-free, cost-effective personal mobility device. Its design is clean and futuristic, sort of like a mash-up between Apple and Xiaomi products, with boxy bodywork and lots of tech to show for.

As of the moment, SYM has yet to announce pricing for the PE 3, emphasizing that it’s still in the conceptual phase. Nevertheless, being an expert in the world of scooters means that SYM is more than capable of bringing this concept into the real world, and more than likely, at a price point that’s attractive to both enthusiasts and cost-efficient commuters.

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