Ever since the time of import magazines and the eventual rise of The Internet, enthusiasts have, in some ways, never had it better. After all, if you love seeing cool stuff that people are doing to their bikes or cars, no matter where they're located, then there's a wealth of possibilities for you to enjoy. 

But it's also a bit of a double-edged sword. With greater access to information comes a greater knowledge of what you can't have. Sometimes it's about what you can't have yet, and sometimes it's about what you can't have ever (at least, unless you move overseas).

Friends, please take a look at the beautiful HooBue XSR900 C-S fairing kit and drool.

Gallery: HooBue Yamaha XSR900 C-S Fairing Kit

If you, like those of us in the US, have been more than slightly saddened by the fact that the Yamaha XSR900 GP has yet to be announced in our market, this fairing kit might just help bring a smile back to your face about your beloved CP3.

The setup is available in two colorways, as well as a raw version that you can paint yourself (or have your favorite shop do for you). There's a blue colorway with gold accents, and there's a black colorway with red accents. 

Either way, the entire kit is a bolt-on affair that's designed to work with the mounting points already in place from the Yamaha factory. No additional drilling is required to install it, says Taiwan-based shop HooBue. The kit also includes the necessary mounting hardware, as well as a set of waterproof decals.

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If you like the design, but don't want the entire kit, no worries. HooBue is also selling the individual fairing pieces on their own, without the need to purchase the full kit if you'd prefer. Prices vary for the pieces on their own, but the full fairing kit is currently listed at just under US $1,500 for the two painted versions, or under US $1,300 for the raw one that you paint yourself.

It's made to fit the 2022 XSR900, so if you have one of those (or are thinking of getting one), this could be an option for you. 

What do you think? Do you want one? Would you still rather have the XSR900 GP, or do you think this looks even better? Tell us in the comments!

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